Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Role Play Convention 2016

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

last sunday my boyfriend an I went to Cologne to visit the "Role Play Convention" (RPC) for the first time. I am quite used to Anime-Conventions so I was pretty curious what would await us at RPC.
In Cologne arrived, I fully dressed up as Princess Peach (driving a car while wearing a full-length hoop skirt is not a good idea X'D).

I love the new crown my sis made for me <3

with my sweetheart - ready to conquer the RPC !
I do not want to whine but I think that a parking fee of 10€ per day is pretty pricey. Especially when you then still need a 10-minute-walk from the parking lot to the actual trade fair. D:
When entering the trade fair it was strikingly how "uncrowded" the entrance hall had been. I knew in beforehand that the RPC is a way smaller convention than Gamescom or Dokomi but I was nevertheless surprised about how fast we could enter the convention. I guess I'm sadly just "used" to stand in a queue and pushing and shoving (Japantag 2016 brought this to a whole new level and using Trains during rush-hour in Tokyo XD).

After we met up with some friends of Sebi we made our way through the exhibition hall's and the outside located middle age's market:

At the middle age's market you even had the chance to do some axe throwing! ^O^ Of course my boyfriend and I couldn't miss the chance to do so.

like a pro!
bull's eye!
I also tried my best.. well, I tried.... hahaha...

And more amazing costumes / cosplayer crossed our way:

Isn't her outfit just AMAZING ?!

my boyfriend at his fave booth -> mead !
The middle age's market offered a great range of food and even live music. Ö__Ö But, what is even better is that I ran into several known faces / buddies. <3

During early afternoon, Sebi and I started our quest to find some cool dices for me. I still don't believe it, but we didn't made a find. How disappointing. p__q I felt a bit like my plushie Toad here below:


My bottom line for RPC:
I will definitely visit RPC again next year. It was pretty cozy, no crowds, amazing and lovely cosplayer and very nice people. <3
If you're not only into Anime but also roleplay / fantasy-stuff you need to pay a visit. ^O^

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Usai in Japan 2015 - Bunny Island / Rabbit Island - Ōkunoshima

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

just soon after my first trip to Japan I heard about Japan's so called "Bunny Island" (or: Rabbit Island / Kaninchen / Hasen Insel ) Ōkunoshima and knew that this Island is a must see for my next trip to Japan.

"nom nom.. is this shoe food?"

To reach Okunoshima you must be up to expend a bit effort. Mochi and I made our way from Hiroshima, which has been advertised as one of the easiest ways. Due I found it pretty difficult to find a detailed direction from Hiroshima to Okunoshima here is the route we took back then in October:

How to get from Hiroshima to Okunoshima (Bunny Island)

We started at Hiroshima Station and took the "Kodama 732 Shinkansen" at 9.00am in the direction of Okayama.
After two stops we left at Mihara (Station)  around 9.26am and took the Kure Line at 9.42am in direction "Hiro".
We left train after 3 stops at Tadano-Umi (Station) at around 10.03am.
Tadano-Umi is a village and you simply can't miss your way to the port, it is a 5-10 minutes walk and well-signposted. By taking this plan, you may need to wait another 10 minutes until the ferry lands at Tadano-Umi.
You will reach Okunoshima then (FINALLY) by ferry within 15 minutes (day ticket: 620 Yen; this ferry is not included in JR Pass).

we are awaiting the ferry to Okunoshima at Tadano-Umi port

Mochi and I are really animal friends and so we went the evening before into several supermarkets to buy vegetables and bunny snacks. In case you do not have the chance to buy food in beforehand you can also buy bunny food at Tadano-Umi port for 100 Yen per pouches. But to be honest, we noticed that the bunnies prefer vegetables. :)

And so our wonderful journey at Okunoshima began:

is this food in your bag ??


waiting for more food XD

you find water dishes like this one above a lot at Okunoshima

A bunny life

feeding the bunnies:

bunny doing dunny things:

Through a little "jungle" we made our way to the highest point of the island and were accompanied by bunnies of course:

eventhough it was already October it is still pretty warm and sunny in Japan compared to mid-europe. As a ginger girl, I recommend sunblocker or clothes to cover your skin! ^__^6


Okunoshima once was a secret island which played a sort of key role during World War II as a poison gas factory. And the bunnies of Okunoshima actually tell a sad story, due they were back then test objects for chemical weapons. According to the former director of the poison gas museum located in Okunoshima, the current bunnies / rabbits have nothing to do with those who were involved in chemical tests. Nowadays you can find, besides a lot of bunnies,  ruins and the just mentioned poison gas museum:

If you love bunnies you need to visit Okunoshima. Mochi and me were almost the only two non-japanese people that day there, so it seems like that it is still an insider's tip to go there which means that you can enjoy the tame bunnies nearly for your own! <3 Hahaha! ^___^

Another indication for Okunoshima being still an insider's tip is that a lot of informations (signs, timetables, brochures) are written in japanese only. The citizens also seemed not that attuned for non-japanese tourists but they are nevertheless very friendly and helpful! ^__^

Don't worry, the bunnies will approach you all by theirselves. Without doubt. Really. But do not miss to get the last ferry around 5.00pm from Okunoshima back to Tadano-Umi! At Okunoshima port you'll find a timetable schedule of departures.

now I got travel lust.. I miss Japan =(

Thank you for reading! 
You can enjoy even more photos and VIDEOS at our travel diary blog: Day 10 - Okunoshima 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Japantag 2016 - Japan Day - 日本デー

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

my boyfriend and I attended to this years Japantag (Japan Day / 日本デー) yesterday in Düsseldorf. Compared with last years Japantag, the weather this year was great but as a result it was really crowded.

We were pretty late for Japantag but actually this was only partially intended. I said to myself that I will do not stress myself too much in the morning. So far, so good. The effect was that we stuck in traffic for appr. half an hour. I can tell you, the usual "convention parking slot hunt" reached new dimensions but we hit paydirt and the parking slot we got was even for free!!! ^__^ I quickly changed shoes and arranged my bonnet and accessoires and then we headed towards Japantag.

This year I wore for the very first time a bonnet in my years as Lolita. X'D My " Fancy Egg " JSK from Metamorphose, temps de fille premiered also as well as my overknees from the japanese Harajuku brand " Swimmer ".

Well, kinda just in time we reached the "Japantag" and the big Lolita Meet-Up at St. Lambertus Chruch.

Lolitas rule Japantag 2016 ;-)
Probably the best part of this Meet-Up was to see so many known faces again. Everyone looked so lovely <3

Immediately afterwards we watched a part of the programme held at the main stage:

Thereafter we strolled along Düsseldorf's Rheinufer Promenade. It was sometimes pretty difficult to egde a way through the crowd. It is getting from year to year more crowded (sadly). >___> One positive thing was that I got a lot of compliments for my outfit that day which made me pretty bashful. ^///^

waiting for Domo, the mascot of NHK and Hello Kitty by my side <3
Somehow we decided to leave Japantag this year earlier. It was simply way to crowded and as a consequence it was getting pretty comfortless. During a final round tour we took a few more photos and enjoyed togetherness. <3

doki doki

When arriving at my car, a cute duck couple were awaiting us and weren't shy at all. CUUUUTE!!

making friends with duck-kun and duck-chan X'D

Eventhough we do not see the firework I am glad that I went to Japantag. It was about time enjoying a sunny nice day with my better half again. ^///^

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meanwhile, in my life

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

no, I'm not gonna start another post entry with phrases like "Oh my gosh, time flies way to fast" or "I was so very very busy" eventhough it is still the truth. There is so much I want to tell and show you about so many things happened the past few months to me but I' pretty unsure whether I get round to do so and so I decided to show you by now only some Highlights of my past few months:

- In September/October 2015 I finally visited Japan again. And, I couldn't imagine it in beforehand, but it was even better than my first stay in Japan in summer 2013!

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

You can find more photos by visiting my instagram account and even more photos and a "travel diary" here: Japan 2015

- At the end of July I visited London again with my mum (she is the best mum ever!!)

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

- In August I enjoyed a week in the Netherlands with the best Lolita Girls in the world! <3

- I enjoyed a lot of great Lolita Meet-Ups. I really love my local community (Loli-Pott, Golden Rhenania and of course my own baby, the Meet-Up-series"Aix-La-Chapelle").

- I finally even created new Cosplay's:

- and last but not least: My boyfriend. He's the best could have happened to me. He is my lover, my friend, my pal, my tower of strength and my soulmate.

@ Burg Satzvey. We visited the "Hexenmarkt"-Event that day. :)

Thank you for reading and/or following my blog. I really intend to blog more often now again. I missed blogging. =D