Sunday, August 30, 2015

Japan Expo 2015 - Paris

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

the past few months were loaded with a lot of work and friends/family and other time eating stuff, so I posted here only barely. My “Online life” was almost dying (p__q) – but now it seems like I could resurrect it (at least somewhat).
I guess I can’t catch up here all the events / experiences happened lately but nevermind.^__^ 

Last years Japan Expo was an absolute highlight for me and so I really needed to visit it this year again. This time, my besties Mochi and Kuraude joined me. We travelled via Thalys, it’s the most comfortable way to travel from my hometown. It was so hot in whole europe those days >__>
On our way to Parc Des Expositions Paris we met two lovely Hetalia-Cosplayer, who came actually from Cologne. We chatted quite a lot and got nearly the wrong train to the Expo, luckily a really friendly french women informed us that we all (including herself and her family) took the wrong train and needed to leave it the next station in order to arrive to Parc des Expositions.

With a lil detour, we then finally arrived at Japan Expo and my friends and me were stunned. The range of retailers, the videogame area, the cultural area .. simply everything!

Like last year, NHK World had multiple booth and also Kawaii International was here again. I really love this show and needed to take a photo their:

the crown looks pretty but, it was pretty heavy and too big for my head X'D 

Next we ran into a lil exhibition of objects for a japanese tea ceremony in Hello Kitty design:

 I really would love to own those objects! ^_______^

Mochi was really interested in "Cosplay" weapons and in the end he even bought some key-swords (Kingdom Hearts):

On our way to the videogames-area we passed the papercraft corner. Amazing how some people can create such prefect characters/objects !

preferably I would hug it.. but that would destroy it X'D

Finally, in the videogame area: Kuraude & Animal Crossing. "Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer" looks like a lot of fun, I think I will buy the game once it is available in europe. ^_^

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon there was a big Sailor Moon "corner" at Japan Expo and you could even buy really special / exclusive items (which were partially pretty expensive).

Im currently really in love with Sailor Moon Crystal <3

In the end, we finally also ran again into our Hetalia-friends. <3

Before we left the Japan Expo we did it to take a photo with Domo-Kun. Kuraude loves him so much and sadly we missed the first photo-session earlier. I'm glad we made it!

During the afternoon we left Japan Expo. We were pretty tired. The heat was exhausting and so we stayed almost the rest of the day in our hotel room and reviews our goodies. Finally, I am a proud Alpacasso owner. It's name is "Bienvenue Törtchen". And I also bought this pink Pokemon shirt there and buttons for some besties of mine:

Look out, it's watching you... HARHARHAR!!!

Eventhough it's a bit exhausting, I want to visit the Japan Expo next year again! <3