Sunday, June 21, 2015

DoKomi 2015

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

just a short blog entry about our this years visit of  "DoKomi". Together with my besties Kuraude and Mochi we went in our DragonBall Cosplay's there.
After we met up with Yoko & Co. we went to the Nikon photo boost and did some fun photos in a classroom:

Thereafter we strolled through the stalls and ran by chance into Hizaki:

Ha was taller than I expected and looked as gorgeous as in all those promo videos of his band Jupiter & Co.   I was so happy and surprised to met him during Dokomi! ^__^

Of course I went shopping at Dokomi and bought this cute dress (for only 15€ + rose-belt for free!) and a cute bonbon-wristband:

It was a fun day and it was about time that the "Convention"-season had started! I'm already looking forward to next years DoKomi.