Monday, May 18, 2015


is gone.

In some way it was foreseeable but when the time then finally had come, it hurts nevertheless. She got an in the end inoperable tumour located next to her uterus and kidney. An operation was due to her high age and the location of the tumour way to risky.

Joy was so lucky, she reached a high age (2 years, 9 months) and didn't suffered any serious illness until the day I needed to let her go.

At the vet, everything happened very fast. Within a minute Joy passed away. Im so glad my mum once again was with me.....

Joy, thank you for the precious time. You were a great rat mummy and a real cute face. <3

Joy as teenie rat

Joy was a loving mommy X'D

"..oh, hi there.."

battle - Luma & Joy

"It's already christmas time?!"

fave food - today was Joy's 2nd birthday

good night!

Joy Snow
(Doy, Two Face)
*31.08.2012 - †08.05.2015