Tuesday, March 31, 2015


is gone.

It hurts. We needed to let her go to a better place..

In December I already noticed that she got starting disturbances of equilibrium. I adjusted her aviary/cage so that she didn't needed to climb that much anymore. During January she then got a plagiocephalic head and appeared at sometimes a bit confused. Starting in February then she began to lose weight and walked with limp. I tried to hold her on track by feeding her daily with baby food, oat flakes and so on but she nevertheless dropped more and more weight.

Yesterday then, it was about time. Im so glad my mum stayed with me.
I persuaded myself for days that the time would come but it hurts nevertheless.
No matter how much Evora ate, she was still hungry. She was almost just skin and bone. Moreover, she was unpoised and had trouble to eat or walk.
Evora passed away within a minute. Everything happened very fast. It was the best for her. It's so horrible to see them suffer.. why do rats need to suffer that much from diseases? It just seems not fair. Evora was so patient and brave. <3

Evora, I knew you from the very beginning (Doomsday Baby!!), it was lovely seeing you growing up. You were a go-getter, self-willed and super fluffy and cuddly. Thank you for the great time <3

Evora in all her cuteness

Evora LOVED the sputnik

Evora and her sisters and brother with their mum Joy

young Evora

8-weeks-old Evora

Evora is awaiting some snacks


Evora and her passion: Food <3

old Evora (2 years, 1 month) 

Old Evora enjoying food while "sun"bathing in a infrared heater.

(Evö, Eievui)
*21.12.2012 - †30.03.2015

Rest in peace!!