Tuesday, February 17, 2015

18th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

it has been a few weeks since my last blogpost. Time is running fast. I'm still busy these days and to make matters worse, I had to fight with miscellaneous health problems which is obvious to see when looking at some recent photos of me like the ones here below p__q. But, in the end, I'm more or less right as rain again and I'm also much more motivated to blog in contrast to my few last posts (SORRY!!)

Well, two weeks ago the 18th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place. The first Meet-Up for 2015. This time we went to the newly opened museum "Centre Charlemagne". The museum shows the history of Aachen from the neolithic to the present. Of course, "Karl der Grosse" (Charlemagne) is also a big part of the museum.

DerMeister, me, Buschwindroeschen, Mero-chi, Schneeregen & Kuraude


lovely Kuraude <3

I can fully recommend a visit. The interactive museum presents all informations in four different languages (german, english, french, dutch).

Due we were by now only six Lolita's we decided to have a seat at MamaTai quite on the fly. There two more Lolita's joined us. Gosh, we are such a greedy bunch of Lolitas. With us in a restaurant there is not even a single leftover. X'D  I really think about visiting an "All-You-Can-Eat-Restaurant" in Lolita...

Thank you all for the relaxed Meet-Up. I hope I'm healthier (and more well-ordered) for the next one ...


  1. Die Restaurantbetreiber freuen sich bestimmt ueber so aussergewoehnliche Gaeste! ^^ Das Museum seht echt interessant aus, Aachen ist wirklich eine schoene Stadt die noch viel zu erzaehlen hat...

    Was macht ihr eigentlich wenn euch mal die Locations ausgehen :o xD

    Schoen das du wieder bloggst^^ Freue mich schon auf eine art 'home visit' in zukuenftigen posts. ;)

  2. Ihr macht immer so viel in der community, das ist schön. :3
    Und ich wünsche dir gute Besserung! ._. Hoffentlich fühlst du dich bald wieder besser. <3

  3. Das klingt doch nach einem super entspannten Lolita Treffen \(^0^)/ und essen ist immer gut :`D beim all you can eat bin ich aufjedenfall dabei xD