Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas 2014

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

hope everyone got a wonderful christmas and a happy new years eve!!
I know I'm kinda late (to be honest, I am really, really late!) but I can't go on without a "Christmas (presents)" blog post! ^O^
My family celebrates christmas, as measured by presents, even bigger than one's birthday and so I feel always like a lil girl during christmas days. Im excited and would best open all presents already before christmas eve. Well, what should I say - I was not disappointed this christmas, too:

 In the aftermath, I received this three christmas presents in addition:

We celebrated christmas eve at my sisters place together with my parents, my brother-to-be and my nephew.

surrounded by presents from my family

On christmas day we were at my parents place. This day my grandman, an aunt and an uncle joined us. Gosh, I ate so much that day X'D

Finally on Boxing day, my sis Skullina, Serpentis, Mochi and Kuraude visited me and we ate sushi and other mainly japanese dishes.

Summarized, I enjoyed the christmas days very much. It was about time to have a few days off.