Sunday, August 30, 2015

Japan Expo 2015 - Paris

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

the past few months were loaded with a lot of work and friends/family and other time eating stuff, so I posted here only barely. My “Online life” was almost dying (p__q) – but now it seems like I could resurrect it (at least somewhat).
I guess I can’t catch up here all the events / experiences happened lately but nevermind.^__^ 

Last years Japan Expo was an absolute highlight for me and so I really needed to visit it this year again. This time, my besties Mochi and Kuraude joined me. We travelled via Thalys, it’s the most comfortable way to travel from my hometown. It was so hot in whole europe those days >__>
On our way to Parc Des Expositions Paris we met two lovely Hetalia-Cosplayer, who came actually from Cologne. We chatted quite a lot and got nearly the wrong train to the Expo, luckily a really friendly french women informed us that we all (including herself and her family) took the wrong train and needed to leave it the next station in order to arrive to Parc des Expositions.

With a lil detour, we then finally arrived at Japan Expo and my friends and me were stunned. The range of retailers, the videogame area, the cultural area .. simply everything!

Like last year, NHK World had multiple booth and also Kawaii International was here again. I really love this show and needed to take a photo their:

the crown looks pretty but, it was pretty heavy and too big for my head X'D 

Next we ran into a lil exhibition of objects for a japanese tea ceremony in Hello Kitty design:

 I really would love to own those objects! ^_______^

Mochi was really interested in "Cosplay" weapons and in the end he even bought some key-swords (Kingdom Hearts):

On our way to the videogames-area we passed the papercraft corner. Amazing how some people can create such prefect characters/objects !

preferably I would hug it.. but that would destroy it X'D

Finally, in the videogame area: Kuraude & Animal Crossing. "Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer" looks like a lot of fun, I think I will buy the game once it is available in europe. ^_^

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon there was a big Sailor Moon "corner" at Japan Expo and you could even buy really special / exclusive items (which were partially pretty expensive).

Im currently really in love with Sailor Moon Crystal <3

In the end, we finally also ran again into our Hetalia-friends. <3

Before we left the Japan Expo we did it to take a photo with Domo-Kun. Kuraude loves him so much and sadly we missed the first photo-session earlier. I'm glad we made it!

During the afternoon we left Japan Expo. We were pretty tired. The heat was exhausting and so we stayed almost the rest of the day in our hotel room and reviews our goodies. Finally, I am a proud Alpacasso owner. It's name is "Bienvenue Törtchen". And I also bought this pink Pokemon shirt there and buttons for some besties of mine:

Look out, it's watching you... HARHARHAR!!!

Eventhough it's a bit exhausting, I want to visit the Japan Expo next year again! <3

Sunday, June 21, 2015

DoKomi 2015

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

just a short blog entry about our this years visit of  "DoKomi". Together with my besties Kuraude and Mochi we went in our DragonBall Cosplay's there.
After we met up with Yoko & Co. we went to the Nikon photo boost and did some fun photos in a classroom:

Thereafter we strolled through the stalls and ran by chance into Hizaki:

Ha was taller than I expected and looked as gorgeous as in all those promo videos of his band Jupiter & Co.   I was so happy and surprised to met him during Dokomi! ^__^

Of course I went shopping at Dokomi and bought this cute dress (for only 15€ + rose-belt for free!) and a cute bonbon-wristband:

It was a fun day and it was about time that the "Convention"-season had started! I'm already looking forward to next years DoKomi.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I love when I succeed in integrating my hobbies/passion during a business trip! ^__^

Two weeks ago I went to Berlin for in total two days for work to take part in an information event.
Together with in total three colleagues we arrived one day before the event because it started too early in the morning. What a great opportunity to enjoy Berlin!

One of our first aims was the Ritter Sport "Bunte Schokowelt" Store. One of my colleagues told me that you can create your very own chocolate there - and so I did also. It's also a great present for your loved ones. I felt like a lil child while assembling the ingredients X'D

oversized chocolate *__*
Of course we needed to visit/see some of Berlin's  main signs also:

Brandenburger Tor

"Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europa's" / Holocaust Memorial

Reichstag building

Because I didn't had an official meeting during the first day I could wear a (casual) Lolita Outfit. I'm so crazy, I needed to wake up ~4.00am in order to be at time and spent most of the time by doing my hair .. maybe we can call this "pure passion" for Lolita fashion instead of being.. well, .. just crazy!?

In the afternoon I managed to visit the "J-Store" in Berlin. I was so excited to see a purikura machine in germany again and was also surprised that they sold quite a lot of Lolita Fashion.

 Inside the store I met two friendly girls from Kassel and nearby Bremen. One thing I really love about the "Japan Popculture"-scene here is that you get to know so much lovely and interesting people. <3

Well, one JSK of Innocent World especially caught my attention: "Baked Sweets" in pink.
My fave-colleague thought I was kidding when I told her that I was looking for a JSK which is a bit more "decent". X'D And I think "Baked Sweets" isn't that flashy and/or overloaded in comparison to most of my JSKs I got so far. The mere fact that the JSK was also -50% off is of course just a minor matter. The JSK was love at first sight and so I decided to leave it on after trying on and did purikuras:


 Actually I chosed the mode in which the eyes were not getting that enlarged.. but nevertheless I got goggle-eyes X'D

Actually I didn't planned to buy a JSK.. well, life's like a box of chocolate.

During the evenign we took the Bus "100" which drives off most of the sightseeings in Berlin. The best thins bout this bus is that it is a "normal" public service vehicle. You can enjoy the sights without paying the usual tourist bus prices. The only thing you'll may miss is a commentator but I could take it.

Bellevue Palace

Before we needed to get our fligth back the other day we enjoyed strolling at spree river. The weather was so beautiful this day <3

Berlin Cathredal
I personally love Berlin. I got be so lucky to visit Berlin for work a few times by now but I would also visit Berlin for making "real" holidays there. The people are very friendly, open-minded and relaxed <3 - Looking forward to my next visit - "Berlin, ick liebe dir!"

Our downside in Berlin:
We took a Germanwings-flight in the morning. As it later transpired, the aircraft next to the one we had in Duesseldorf was the one which was guided by the  (so called) "killer" co-pilot who crashed the plane in France just 3-4 hours later.. I think I didn't need to mention that the flight back a day later was the most unpleasent flight ever. Only ~30 people sat in the Lufthansa plane and the crew were, of course, tensed up. At this stage everyone thought that it had must be a technical problem with the accident plane..
Words can not express what is must feel like. Terrible. My thoughts are with the victims families and friends.