Sunday, December 21, 2014

Satsuki - Live at MTC Cologne ~ Squall of Emotions Tour

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I really like to tell you about my quite spontaneous visit of Satsuki's concert in Cologne on December, 5th. My sis Skullina arranged short dated two VIP-Tickets for the gig.

Satsuki, Skullina, Sana and me - after the concert you had the chance to take an fuji-instant-photo with Satsuki and Co. at a premium. 

Actually I was not much into Satsuki's music but my sister is a fan for years. At first I should be only her personal taxi but then my sister arranged a second VIP-ticket and I joined the condert. Admission for VIPs was planned for 7:00pm but we could enter the venue with a delay of ~30 minutes. Gosh, it was so cold outside and we could hear Satsuki and his band doing soundchecks already. Inside then, everything needs to go quick: Say "Hi!" to Satsuki & Co., give a gift, take a photo and only a few minutes later the concert already begun. We had barely time and could not enjoy our "VIP"-bonus. Too bad!!!

my sis with Satsuki

Skullina is gifted in artistic and she painted this picture of Satsuki especially for the concert and gave it to him as a present:

I dunno what's going on with my arm XD

The MTC is a pretty small venue and so the concert was very intensive. I enjoyed the concert although I knew vaguely only half of the songs.  I was so happy that they performed my favourite song "Romance". *____*
Satsuki, Sana-Sama & Co. all radiated sympathy. Especially Satsuki was very patienced and didn't feared contacts. He even warmed up my sister hand during the lil sign-session after the concert.

For Skullina the concert was even more intense and it made me more than happy to see her that rejoice about the concert. <3

Looking forward to see them again and I recognized that I need to spend more time with Skullina.

excited sisters right before the concert

Thank you for the great evening!