Saturday, November 22, 2014


is gone. It hurts. We needed to let her go.

It was foreseeable that Luma had not that much time left and when I think about her diseases and our visit's to the vet Im once again impressed - Luma, you were strong and brave!

During the last two months I went all to frequently to the vet with Luma. First she got an abscess, then she had heavy breathing difficulties and metastases had been diagnosed. Addiotionally, she got heart problems but we could treat this for a while with medicine. A while thereafter, I spotted that she got a sort of lump. Because Luma's state of health wasn't that great anymore and the lump wasn't located between the skin layers but seemed to be next to her uterus, we dispense of another surgery. With the time, Luma began to limp with one of her hind paws, but everything was still "okay", she still enjoyed life and was as cute as ever. <3
Almost a week ago then, one of Luma's hind paws was swollen - lymphedema! I got some pain killer and was told to massage the paw. Actually it worked! I was delighted, but Luma felt from day to day more worse. During the last days I even washed her because she had problems doing it by herself. She also denied her medicine.

Yesterday then the time had come. Luma didn't want to eat anymore and seemed to be mostly a bit distant. She seemed to lose pus also. I love her so much - from inside, I knew that I should deliver her from pain but actually no one wants to lose someone/something she/he loves. I asked my mum to have a look at Luma and she confirmed of what I was afraid of: Luma putting down to sleep. Don called the vet and we luckily could go straight to the treatments room. Within 2 or 3 minutes Luma passed away. But in contrast to Carli, she fought. She didn't wanted to sleep at first but then she looked calmly.

Eventhough it was foreseeable, it hurts so much. Actually, I don't want to feel more love for a rat than for an other rat, but Luma was my darling, my favourite. I never had a rat like Luma before, she enjoyed my love care, she was so funny, crazy and twirly - simply irrereplaceable.
LUMA - thank you for everything! 

Luma at her 2nd birthday <3

Luma sleep on my arm at the very first evening at my place - she was very special from day one

Luma loved to gnaw!

sleeping time

yam yam yam

cuddly-rat <3

Snapshot: Atishoo! - Luma just sneezed!

Luma was probably the twirliest rat of my gang but on the other hand she was a real sleepyhead

YAAAAWN "I'm sooooo sleepy!"

Luma needed to ewar this special dress so that she couldn't gnaw at her wound anymore. "sadly" she wore that "dress" only for a few minutes back in her cage, I dont exactly know how she put if off still..


Old ill Luma sleeping in my arms. Photo was taken ~24 hours before I decided to let her go. Didn't thought that I had to let her go only the next day..

*10.08.2012 - †21.11.2014

Rest in peace!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Usai in Japan 2013 - Suzuka: Japanese Adult Hotel & Suzuka Circuit

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

Suzuka is probably best known for the Suzuka International Racing Course / Circuit which is the home of the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix.

By entering Suzuka we noticed a lot of gas stations and car dealer. Suzuka definitively lives of the car industry. We stayed for one night in the Hotel "Fine Garden". Back then, as we booked our hotels we noticed that "Fine Garden" is an adult only hotel but because we didn't had any other choice for Suzuka we decided to stay there and probably experienced the biggest surprise during our stay in Japan.

It seemed like we were the only guests right now and so the hotel staff gave us a free of charge update and so we got the Super Deluxe Rooms. Well, actually it wasn't a room anymore.. we stayed in a flat. A photo can tell more than thousand words and a video can show you more than thousand photos, so please enjoy:

Don is talking on this video and is introducing the rooms and the special inventory. I think you get a good impression of the flat eventhough you can't understand german. This was actually a LOVE hotel and you may think "ewwww~ yuck! BUT this room was certainly cleanier than an usual hotel room. Everything was purer luxury. We could even order food to our rooms and so it came that I ate the most delicious pizza ever. *___* The staff were really friendly.

In the evening, Don and Mochi discovered a "Don Quijote"-store in which I bought later on a cute Hello Kitty Hoodie and Care Bear Pants! ^__^

Next day, we went to Suzuka Circuit. Round the Circuit is a theme park (Motopia) which offers quite a lot for children but also for motorsport fans.

japanese people are great - this gate spends cold water! It's really refreshing on sticky summer days!

on the terrace of the Suzuka Circuit

The highlight as such was to drive at the famous circuit by yourself with a go-kart. It was so much fun although I didn't drive by myself. It was lovely, seeing how much fun Don and Mochi had. ^__^

Mochi and Kuraude were right behind us and Kuraude shooted our round

Thereafter we took a ride with the giant wheel and OH MY GOSH! this giant wheel got as only thing we entered during our whole stay in japan NO air conditioner. It was hotter than a sauna. We were all relieved as we could finally leave the giant wheel again and go outside because there it were "only" 38 degrees. Anyways, it was once again a really sticky day back then eventhough it looks so cloudy and dull on the photos....