Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quarter of a century party

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

this year I surrounded the sun for the twentiefifth's time and therefore I invited my besties to a lil party.  Theme of the party was "Hero of your childhood" and everyone should show his favourite. Just before the party took place I was still quite unsure what I should wear and in the end I decided to wear my old Charmander Cosplay! ^___^
The celebration took place in the club house of my parents garden plot and we decorated the room very girly. While decorating the room and trying to get the telly on we'd borrowed from my parents we forgot about time and our first guests already arrived at our place (sorry for kept you waiting a few minutes!).  Around 2:00pm then the remainder arrived and the celebration could start!

my mum made this delicious cake for us

time for a group photo!

yummy Muffins from my mum

Hello Kitty Cake from my sis

After mealtime my friends gave their presents to me. I love unboxing presents *_*

a present tree from Yoko & Chopper 

this cute Amaura is one of the gifts from PrincessTenko

my nephew is pretty nosy

One of the many presents from my parents: lil Pinkie Pie

from Kuraude I received among others this two Sailor V Manga

Skullina and Seprentis gave among others this Hello Kitty 3DS case to me

from Mochi I got among others Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call

The rest of the day we spent chatting, playing Wii and eating. I hope my friends enjoyed the day as much as I did. It was greating having my besties all around at the same time, sadly this happens far to rarely.

plushie army!

 Don already gave his presents for me at my actual birthday and exceeded once again my expectations. He gave  a skirt and a big bag of Baby, the stars shine bright's Collection Douce Chocolatier series to me *______*

I really can't wait to wear my new pieces to a Lolita Meet-Up hopefully very soon! ^______^
To be honest I can't believe that I already turned 25 years old - actually I still feel like a teeny and quite inexpierenced eventhough I live a grown up life, going to work, doing my purchases and the househeold, haha~. :D

I am such a lucky person - I received so many presents to my birthday this year that it was really difficult to get everything in one single photo, but here it is:

Thank you all for the great day and (of course also) for the presents XxXxX Love you all ~ <3 Hope to celebrate my "half century"-party with you also! ^_^


  1. Gabby war überhaupt nicht aufdringlich :D :D
    Freut mich das dir die Party so gut gefallen hat, Marcel und Ich fandens auch total chillig und super! Sowas kommt leider echt viel zu selten vor!^^ Ich hab mich sehr wohl gefühlt und fand es toll so viele verrückte Leute kennen zu lernen :D :D

    Sorry noch mal wegen dem Kuchen...Körperverletzung und so... xDXD

  2. Die Party war einfach klasse! Schön das es dir auch gefallen hat! Das Geschenkehäufchen sieht einfach zu gut aus! *^* und das alles hast du noch so schön platziert und ausgestellt xD war bestimmt auch voll der aufwand :D vlg~<3