Sunday, September 28, 2014

Innocent World - Tsuchida Yutaka Rabbit and Squirrel JSK Pink - Review

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

Innocent World's "Tsuchida Yutaka Rabbit and Squirrel JSK Pink" (or in japanese: Tsuchida Yutaka Usagi To Risu) topped my "Want-to-buy-in-Japan"-list. Therefore, we went to the Innocent World store located in Harajuku and I was delighted as I discovered this beautiful JSK there. I didn't waste any more thoughts about the price (~24,900 Yen) and bought it right there - this JSK is one of my abosulte dream prints and believe me, I was probably the luckiest girl on earth for the rest of the day o(^O^)o

Innocent World adapted this print from a water-colour painting of  japanese artist Yutaka Tsuchida.

Let's have a closer look :



the squirrel brooch is detachable *__*

the border print is just beautiful and you cant figure out were the print starts nor ends - it's a fluent passage.

It bears mentioning that, eventhough the print has been adapted from a painting you can't really figure our where the borderprint starts nor ends - it's a fluent passage which makes the whole JSK look very harmonical. The upper part of the JSK has been kept more simple, I think otherwise it would have been looked to fussy. This JSK represents for me anything Innocent World stands for: "Cute Classiness".

The measurements of this JSK are:
length: ~ 92cm
bust: ~80-95cm
waist: ~63-80cm

Innocent World sold this JSK in pink, white and blue colourway. They also released this series as dress and skirt as well as a blouse, pouches and tights. I really wanted to have those tights and a pouch also but they weren't in stock anymore. p__q I am still loooking for more clothes and accessories from this series so if you want to sell something, keep me in mind ;-) You can get an overview about the whole series f. e. here: Tsuchida Yutaka series - hello lace

By now, it's still my only JSK of Innocent World but Im really satisfied with the quality of the JSK. Its well sewn and the details (f. e. squirrel brooch) are lovely. I am for sure will buy again from Innocent World, especially after I got to know Fujiwara-san, she really loves and lives her label and therefore she is a real inspiration.. <3


  1. Kenn ich! Kenn ich! Ich war beim Kauf dabei! Sieht echt süß aus ^o^

    #erster (\^-^/)

  2. Ich auch! Ich auch <3
    So cute, very lovely ^x^

  3. This JSK is so cute!! (*^ω^*)

  4. Der Print ist wirklich total niedlich. Kein Wunder, dass du happy warst, als du ihn endlich dein Eigen nennen konntest, wa? ^w^ Hoffe du wirst noch viel Freude damit haben.