Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Connichi 2014

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

from 12-14th September I went to Kassel. For already the sixth time I visited the "Connichi", the biggest german Anime/J-Popculture Convention. Along with Don, Kuraude, PrincessTenko and Mochi we stayed from friday to sunday at our regular holiday apartment. For PrincessTenko it was the first time attending the Connichi and Im happy that she joined us ^__^

Day 1 - Friday:

Lolita Day! Like every year, Friday is Lolita Day. For this years Connichi I choosed to wear one of my absolute dream Lolita JSK: Angelic Pretty's "Fancy Box". I bought this JSK from Yoko Rosedust already in July but I wanted to "premiere" it at Connichi. Actually, I almost only own pink-coloured dresses so I felt at first I bit unsure if I could also wear a mainly white coloured JSK/dress, but I really liked it:

me, Kuraude and PrincessTenko

Those photos were made by Falk, a nice guy and great photographer we ran into just as we reached the location of the Connichi. We also already met him last year at Connichi 2013 where he had made great photos of Kuraude and me in Lolita Fashion, too.

After this photo-session we went inside and strolled around. PrincessTenko, Kuraude and me also went to MangaBox to get a few photos taken.

Nintendo was also present again and I almost bursted of joy because I could play Super Smash Bros U, Hyrule Warriors and more games which will be only released during the next weeks and months. Meanwhile, Don went back to the traders area and surprised me with this plushies:

Panda Hello Kitty

Awww~ I was so happy!! <3 I love plushies <3 I'm really such a lucky-lucky girl. Don always know which plushies the cutest and how he can make me smile! <3
I for myself only bought a Manga and a pair of hair clips:

Im not stingy but somehow there were not such great articles this year I think..

Before we went in the evening to a speech with the topic "japanese humour" we ran accidentally into Takamasa Sakurai. Sakurai workes as an author and freelancer journalist and has been a general adviser for japanese pop-culture and creative director of the "Kawaii Ambassadors" (f. e. Misako Aoki). We had a real nice chat and he even kept his promise to show a photo of us to Misako via twitter later on:

We stayed at Connichi pretty long that day and went to our apartment only late in the evening...

Day 2 - Saturday:

On saturdays, Kuraude, Don, Mochi and me weared our Dragon Ball Cosplays. Unfortunately it was so cold that we had to spent most of the day inside but this didn't reduced the fun! Kuraude and I decided to have a lil photo shooting inside the Connichi building:

Lunch -evil-

Kuraude - mega cute <3

Short while after, we finally met up with Yoko Rosedust! Actually we wanted to meet up with her on fridays but it didn't worked ^__^6:

me, Yoko Rosedust (looking very beautiful in this Lolita co-ord!), PrincessTenko (pink kawaii decora girl *__*) and Kuraude

At lunchtime we celebrated together with some more friends Tony's (Yoko Rosedust's husband) birthday and presented him a Chopper (One Piece) coin bank. In return we received a lot of cake, drinks and great time.

Incognito: Don as Muten Roshi.

Again, I had to visit Nintendo and needed to play a round or two Hyrule Warriors, which was not yet released back then:

I'm addicted - I know.
That day we met quite a few more friends and had a great time but nevertheless we left the location already at 6pm because we were pretty hungry. ^__^6

Day 3 - Sunday:

What?! Where is time gone? It's already sunday - the last day has begun! Today I was wearing my new Chii Cosplay:

Chii School Uniform Outfit

I bought this uniform via bodyline.co.jp - they simply sell this perfect school uniform which exactly looks like the one she is wearing in the Manga!!
Mochi weared his new Joker Cosplay - and he looked so great(!!):

Well done, well done!!
On sundays the weather was pretty good - I wish it has been like that on fridays and saturdays, too. We took a few photos outside, strolled through the garden and then went to Takamasa Sakurai's speech about pop culture. It was pretty interesting and he recognized us instantly and seemed to be very glad to see us. At the end it was possible to ask questions and I tried to suggest him to think about a J-Fashion/Pop-culture event in germany because Im pretty sure that there is a great demand about such an event here.

Before we left Connichi we needed to take a group photo:

PrincessTenko, Kuraude (as Fluttershy), Mochi, Don and me

It was once again a super great time and I enjoyed it much. Nowadays, time gets more and more precious for me. The (free)time I got, I want to spend as much as possible with my friends, sounds ordinary but this need has become really important to me, I want to enjoy life with those I love.


  1. Fancy Box steht dir total super gut *.*

  2. Nyah~ >/w/< es war wundervoll die drei Tage mit euch verbringen zu können ^-^ es hat soo unglaublich viel Spaß gemacht \(^O^)/ wie nicht anders zu erwarten mit euch :> FancyBox steh dir wirklich ausgezeichnet! *-* HDL~<3 Liz

  3. Oh Gott und ich hab dich schon wieder nicht gesehen! Meinst du, wir kriegen das irgendwann noch mal hin, haha? TxT XD
    Aber schön zu lesen, dass du auch eine super Connichi hattest. <3 Die Bilder sind alle toll.