Thursday, September 4, 2014


is gone. Two days ago we had to let her go and put her out of her misery. I knew that this day would come, the last few weeks I expected this to be happen like every day but nevertheless it hurts really so much.

Already during the first days of June my vet and I made the decision that Carli shouldn't go into another surgery due to her advanced age, her condition and the fact that she got four lumps at the same time. Thenceforward, I tried to make Carli's autumn of life as comfortable as possible. Until recently, Carli felt alright eventhough she steadily losed weight and her lumps keep growing. But pets/animals are so gorgeous, unlike us humans they don't seek for pity, they simply make the best of the situation. The last two weeks I even bought baby food (puree) for Carli to hold her on track. She had trouble eating and so I could only fed her with puree and paste during the last few days but it was "ok" - Carli was still attentive (but lean) and had a great appetite. 

Then overnight Carli didn't wanted to eat anythign at all. Her crazy loved multivitamin paste - she pushed it away. She seemed to be in pain. Now I knew that I needed to let her go. I called my vet and they blocked an appointment for me that short-dated. As we arrived at the vet we could go straight into the treatments room and everything went fast. I felt relieved for Carli, within 2 minutes she passed away already, I could hold her in my arms. I gave my best to restrain myself, pets are sensitive and they sense their holder's feeling in some way, but I couldn't hide my tears.. 

As we left the vet, I cried even more. Although I needed to make this last voyage more than once now in my life (even as I was still a child), it is always terrible. Im glad that Don stayed with me at the vet and that my mum joined and helped us laying Carli to her final rest. She now lays next to her old mate Vanilla.

Carli, you were a real fighter. I miss you. You were a funny cutie pie and I loved your odd sleeping positions. Thank you for the great time! <3

baby Carli (ca. 6 weeks old)

young Carli <3

Carli as young teeny

Carli first had a more grey fur

sleepy Carli
Happy 2nd Birthday! Carli turned two years!

girls just wanna have fuuuun~ Carli & Mariko

Carli's comfortable sleeping position

(Calu, Calelu)
*14.04.2012 - †02.09.2014

Rest In Peace!


  1. Oh nein... Das tut mir sehr sehr Leid :(
    fühl dich gedrückt.

    Carli, komm du gut rüber über die Regenbogenbrücke und tob dich aus auf der Käsewolke.

  2. Ich habe unsere Ratte Radon auch beim Tierarzt im Arm gehabt als er starb. Wir mussten ihn einschläfern weil er nach einem Schaganfall auf die Seite gefallen war und sich nicht mehr richtig bewegen, essen oder trinken konnte. Ich war auch total traurig, aber es war richtig und ging einfach nicht anders. Fühl dich gedrückt.

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  4. Oh nein! D: das tut mir leid! >-< fühl dich auch von mir gedrückt! :`( Hdl Usai~<3