Monday, August 18, 2014

Usai in Japan 2013 - Akihabara

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

during our last days in Japan we finally visited Akihabara, the famous Manga/Electonic neighbourhood of Tokyo. Especially Mochi couldn't wait to enter the flashy world of Akihabara. To my surprise, Akihabara looked pretty much alike I had imagined it in beforehand: many people, maids on the street and manga characters are greeting you on each corner - stunning.

Maids try to promote their maid cafe

Tales of Symphonia - promoting for the upcoming "special edition" of part 1 and part 2

Because ist was once again sticky hot we seeked refuge in one of the numerous Sega game halls. I think we spent more time than we actually planned inside the halls.

Mario Kart Arcade caught Mochi's and my attention

Thereafter, Mochi and Don enjoyed a round or two of Zombie shooting

We also enjoyed playing Tekken, a drum game and I'd even made some puris. It was one of this "bigger eyes" machines and well.. I really do look like a creepy manga character.. maybe I will show you the puris sometime..
Thereafter we strolled through the streets of Akihabara and we even entered a sort of sex/hentai shop by accident. Actually we entered the shop because the maid dresses in front of the store looked so cute and as we were inside the store we discovered the really creative world of LOVE of the japanese. To be honest, Don, Mochi and I were pretty impressed but sometimes also kinda confused of the wide range of items there. Hahaa~ ^__^6 Well, after this accident, we entered one big Manga-Merchandise store after another and especially Mochi spent a lot of money and had a lot to heft:

This are Mochi's purchases only after leaving on of the first merchandise stores on that day.. there were still a lot more to come.. XD

If you love Manga and japanese Popculture you need to make a break in Akihabara - if there is anyway a manga world than it is in Akihabara. Next time I really want to visit a Maid Cafe.. no matter what the boys think about it then.. >__> X'D


  1. Ich will auch nach Japan q--q xD Das Sega Gebäude sieht toll aus :)
    Und: Ich liebe Tales of Symphonia *--*

    War sicher eine unglaubliche Erfahrung dort gewesen zu sein :) Also in Japan (Im Segacenter bestimmt auch, hahaxD)

    Liebe Grüße!

  2. Oh Mann, ich mochte Akihabara damals auch so sehr. <3 Nur deswegen allein würde gerne noch mal nach Japan. :33