Saturday, August 30, 2014

15th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I don't know why but somehow I got trouble lately finding time for the actually crazy-loved world-wide-web. U_U  But no more whining (always keep in mind "time is money!"), today I want to tell you about the last weeks 15th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up!

For this Meet-Up, Buschwindroeschen came up with the idea to introduce us Lolita Fashion girls with the help of her friend Maria into the world of historical dances. Therefore, a fitting room was needed and luckily I was able to rent the club house of my parents allotment society. Because the room wasn't that big and I'd got the responsibility for the room rental this Aix-La-Chapelle was for once a more private meet-up.

Once all guests arrived, Maria and Buschwindroeschen started giving us instructions for the first dance. A couple dance:

Maria giving us instructions for the upcoming dance

creature comforts :-)

 During the breaks we strolled through the gardens but unfortunately it began to rain and even thunder in the afternoon.

 Before we re-started dancing we needed to make  a group photo first:
f. l. t. r. : Nanati, Maria, Buschwindroeschen, Kuraude, me, Fraeulein_Elisabeth, Kati & sitting in the front Meister.

Ready for round 2:

Because a photo says more than thousands of words, a video can give a thousand times better impression than a photo:

As you can see I'm not that natural born talent (quite the contrary actually X'D) but it was fun anyways. Im glad that Buschwindroeschen came up with this idea and that it worked that well. I would love to learn/train more historical dances. We all enjoyed the Meet-Up pretty much and I really love to implement new and/or uncommon ideas into our Meet-Ups.

I really need to thank Maria and Buschwindroeschen for their ideas and patience with us and also a lot of thanks go to Don who took +1000 photos and a few videos of our Meet-Up that day. And last but not least, I need to thank all participants of the Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up series because you make this Meet-Ups so great and unique for me. Looking forward to our future meet-ups and ideas! ^__^

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gamescom 2014

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

together with Don, Skullina and Serpentis I'd visited the Gamescom in Cologne last saturday. I looked somehow really forward to this years Gamescom, above all things only jsut because I wanted to wear a Cosplay again. Yes, it was Princess Peach-time! ^__^
This time, I was even wearing a new crown - thank you, Skullina!

But Princess Peach wasn't the only princess that day - Skullina joined me by wearing her new Rosalina - Cosplay:
the Luma plush is handmade by my sis, too.
First we went into the hall with all that gorgeous stalls. Each plushie was cuter than the next but there was one plushie which overtopped everything. Don noticed this, of course, and a bit later he surprised me with this cute thing:

Raichu *___* ~chuu chu
Apropros cute:

My sister is a real darling: She made this Pikachu bento especially for me... I LOVE such cute decorated food *___*
Well, after recovering from this cuteness-overload and a lot of unplanned photo-sessions we made our way to Nintendo:

Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. for WiiU

Super Smash Bros. for WiiU
posing at the Nintendo booth

We didn't stood in line for a game to play that day - the queues were way too long for me but I grabbed quite a lot of goodies at the Nintendo booth. ^__^ You can't imagine how I simmer toward the release of Hyrule Warriors *___* ~ I'll definitely pre-order the game.
 What is Nintendo for me was for Don this Formula E car:

Noticeable to say is that the Nintendo booth were, compared to teh Sony booth and Microsoft booth, much more crowded and popular. Seems like Nintendo got the most promising/wanted releases for the next few months...

Overall, it was very delightful wearing such a lavish Cosplay during Gamescom. We received so many nice compliments from other visitors and Skullina and I were even invited to give an interview for a big german Nintendo-Fanpage called "10do". The interview will be probably posted within the next few days I guess and Im anxious about it, hahaha ^O^  UPDATE: The video has been finally posted:

 You can see my sister and me starting ~18:56.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Usai in Japan 2013 - Akihabara

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

during our last days in Japan we finally visited Akihabara, the famous Manga/Electonic neighbourhood of Tokyo. Especially Mochi couldn't wait to enter the flashy world of Akihabara. To my surprise, Akihabara looked pretty much alike I had imagined it in beforehand: many people, maids on the street and manga characters are greeting you on each corner - stunning.

Maids try to promote their maid cafe

Tales of Symphonia - promoting for the upcoming "special edition" of part 1 and part 2

Because ist was once again sticky hot we seeked refuge in one of the numerous Sega game halls. I think we spent more time than we actually planned inside the halls.

Mario Kart Arcade caught Mochi's and my attention

Thereafter, Mochi and Don enjoyed a round or two of Zombie shooting

We also enjoyed playing Tekken, a drum game and I'd even made some puris. It was one of this "bigger eyes" machines and well.. I really do look like a creepy manga character.. maybe I will show you the puris sometime..
Thereafter we strolled through the streets of Akihabara and we even entered a sort of sex/hentai shop by accident. Actually we entered the shop because the maid dresses in front of the store looked so cute and as we were inside the store we discovered the really creative world of LOVE of the japanese. To be honest, Don, Mochi and I were pretty impressed but sometimes also kinda confused of the wide range of items there. Hahaa~ ^__^6 Well, after this accident, we entered one big Manga-Merchandise store after another and especially Mochi spent a lot of money and had a lot to heft:

This are Mochi's purchases only after leaving on of the first merchandise stores on that day.. there were still a lot more to come.. XD

If you love Manga and japanese Popculture you need to make a break in Akihabara - if there is anyway a manga world than it is in Akihabara. Next time I really want to visit a Maid Cafe.. no matter what the boys think about it then.. >__> X'D

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Luma in surgery (twice) and brave old Carli

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

July was a hard month for my rat gang. Before all others, my dear Vanilla passed away during the first days of July. A few days thereafter, I'd spotted that Luma got a lump. Because she is still full of vital energy I decided to give her in surgery. Everything went quite good, eventhough Luma had even lost a teat due to the lump and the healing process didn't went that good as usual because Luma LOVES to gnaw everything U__U .

Luma-Chan <3 - can you believe she turns already 2 years old this sunday?

Well, cause that isn't worth enough I needed to spot two more little tiny lumps on her belly. The wound of her surgery was not that completely healed as she went in surgery (for the in total third time!) again. Luckily, this surgery went fine, too, but I feel really sorry for her and right now I need to visit the vet every 2-3 days to make sure one of her new wounds will heal properly. Luckily, she can reach only one of her two wounds for gnawing. Now I need to disinfect and lotion the wound twice a day. Luma really keeps me on the run currently.

Luma having sweet dreams - she enjoys sleeping this way

good job Luma.. >__> the tacker were once at her wound.. 

Luma is not my only problem child: Carli is getting pretty old and her tumours are growing and growing. Since very recently, Carli started having a sort of quirk. She stretchs her head and nods and thereafter she gnaws at her nails. Of course I went to the vet with her, but it's complicated to tell with complete certainty why she is doing this. Most probably her brain isn't working that properly anymore and therefore she got this compulsive acts. Because Carli is besides that really doing well we decided to start a cortison therapy and it worked! I almost already gave up hope but my vet showed me better! Nevertheless, time is running against Carli and I must accept that she will go in the near future but I hope she can enjoy her last days as much as she is doing right now still..

Carli is already losing weight but she has a great appetite and is always one of the first who is greeting me

Nevertheless, it's all worth. The effort, the time, the money. Concering the money, I do not want to know yet how much I'd spent the last few month for my rat gang, some people would call me silly but I think I invest my money in one of the most precious things on earth: Life of Animals. Some people like to party each weekend, I enjoy other hobbies - having pets.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Cosplays - 10th - Lillymon from Digimon

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

this days Im pretty busy but nevertheless I want to keep blogging regularly somehow. Because it's been a while since my last "My Cosplays"-post, here we go with No. 10: Lillymon.

Lillymon Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.:10
Created in: 2013
Costs: about 35€
Hours to make: 8h
Weared at: Connichi 2013 (Saturday), DoKomi 2014 (Saturday)

Why do I wanted to cosplay Lillymon?
I'm still a huge fan of the first and second series of Digimon and Lillymon is my absolute favourite Digimon since then. A shame, that she hadn't more appearances and anyhow I think she deserves much more attention and love and so I needed to Cosplay Lillymon.

Any unforgettable experiences ?
None special that far. Except the fact that wearing a wig and a hat when the outside temperature is 30 degrees over zero is not that recommendable (Dokomi 2014). ^__^6