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Review/Relisten: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Pika Pika Fantajin" & Tour Documentary

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

once it was announced, I pre-ordered Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's new album "Pika Pika Fantajin". For me it was the very first time ordering from CD Japan and everything went fine. They sent out the CD on 7/7/2014 and the package arrived already at 7/12/2014. In the meantime, KPP's managment announced that the album will be also released in 12 other countries regularly, for example also in germany. ._. Well.. because I already paid for the CD and I actually wanted to have the japanese version in preference to a european version I didn't cancelled the order anymore. Moreover, I can enjoy her new album two weeks before it will be released on the european market  ~harhar X'D. The album will be released on July, 21.


"Pika Pika Fantajin" includes 12 tracks and that's what I think about them currently:

1. Pika Pika Fantajin
The first track "Pika Pika Fantajin" sounds to me like a trip to a sort of fantasy land and is a short opener and her invitation to her new album.

Kyary as call girl.. ö_Ö

2. Kira Kira Killer
"Kira Kira Killer" is the "crowd puller" on this album and contains everything which makes Kyary for me Kyary. It's my absolute fave song of her currently. Best song on this album!

I love this photo of her so much. It's also the cover of the A-Version of her album

3. Yume No Hajimarinrin
 "Yume no Hajimarinrin" is the probably most meaningful song on Kyary's current album. Eventhough the album version of this track isn't as good as the single version it's still a very good song which proves that Kyary can also do some more serious songs.

Kyary cuts a fine figure

4. Mottainai Rando
"Mottainai Rando" is besides "Kira Kira Killer" the best song on the album. The song and especially the PV represents the complete "kawaii'n'crazyness" of KPP. It's one of the more powerful and faster songs on her album and I would love to hear more songs of that kind in the future.

somehow scary but genius - a photo in this kind of art is her cover for the B-version of the album

5. Serious Hitomi
"Serious Hitomi" is an unusual song for KPP with its guitar riffs, it's spunky and so this song deserves love. At least KPP's pronounciation of "serious" (it sound more like "shelius") should make you feel a bit love for the song.

6. Do Do Pi Do
Before listening to "Do Do Pi Do" I was hoping for a sort of new "Mi" because of the.. well.. "meaningful" title. Everytime I listen to the song I have to think about beaches and sun and holidays which sounds pretty good at first sight but altogether I would say that "Do Do Pi Do" is for me the weakest song on her album (And yes, I know that it is just a cover (the original is from Capsule)).

7. Family Party
 The album version is as good as the single version. I would say that the album version sounds a bit less agressive than the single version. "Family Party" is a very catchy song, I catch myself singing along at least the chorus evertime. ^__^6


8. Ring A Bell
"Ring A Bell" is a perfect karaoke song and Kyary and her management knew about this and made a tie with karaoke company DAM. Eventhough "Ring A Bell" will not be released as a single there is a PV/Dance tutorial video for this song. Its not one of her best songs but its quite fun listening to.

Kyary with really short hair

9. Tokyo Highway
"Tokyo Highway" is the next track on her album and I recognized the greatness of this song as I listened to it for the third or fourth time only. The chorus is poppy and it is exactly that kind of song I actually expected to hear on "Pika Pika Fantajin".

what a great outfit she is wearing *__*

10. Koi Koi Koi
Enchanting. This song got something really magical. When a song sounds like a fairytale on this album then it's "Koi Koi Koi". A really cute and catchy song and somehow this song makes me feel really soothed and feeling like Im listening to someone reading an old fairytale from an old book. ^__^

11. Sungoi Aura
This song works with several unusual instruments and sounds but works perfectly together with Family Party and Yume No Hajimarinrin. I don't know why exactly but I got the impression that this three songs are one of a kind.

12. Explorer
I expected a slower song as album ender, but Im fine with this song. Not only the title of this track but the whole atmosphere makes me feel like I would starting an adventure (somehow I also need to think about having my first battles with a starter Pokemon). This song puts me in a positive thinking mood.


My Favies:
Kira Kira Killer -> best song of her 3rd album (just over Mottainai Rando)!
Yume No Hajimarinrin
Mottainai Rando
Family Party
Tokyo Highway
Koi Koi Koi -> best "album"-only song!
Sungoi Aura

In contrast to its forerunner "Nanda Collection" which got a sort of thoughtful coming of age as main topic, "Pika Pika Fantajin" does not aim a particular topic. However, the tracks on "Pika Pika Fantajin" are more consistent but on the other hand the album does not contain such outstanding songs like "Nanda Collection" got them. Nevertheless it's a good album with a great overall idea and it's worth buying it. ^O^

These days the official europe tour documentary has been made available also.  My friends and me also make an experience in this video due we stand first row in Cologne *___* :

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu NandaCollection World Tour Documentary

I am really looking forward to her next europe tour - I'll be there! ^__^

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