Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lolita Shopping Paris - Baby, the stars shine bright Store & Angelic Pretty Pop-Up Shop

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

during our two days stay in Paris, Yoko Rosedust and I wanted to see and do as much as possible and so we left towards afternoon already the Japan Expo in order to visit the Baby, the stars shine bright store and the currently opened Pop-Up Shop of Angelic Pretty in Paris.

First, we headed to "Baby, the stars shine bright". I was so excited and happy as we finally reached the store. The staff seem to be very friendly and even though I wanted to buy something I didn't found anything fitting for me this time.

72 avenue Ledru Rollin
75012 Paris

My final hope for buying some new Lolita clothes/accessories lied now on the Pop-Up shop of Angelic Pretty / Putumayo which had been temporary opened during the first week of July in Paris.

And what should I say. Good fortune was with me and I made a great bargain. I bought Angelic Pretty's only just new released "Toy Drops" Salopette! I never would have guessed to find this Salopette in Paris! I was like in a "&/$§%$/ happiness-overload-dont-know-what-to-say-anymore"-mode. As AP announced this series, I thought about buying it directly from their website (with all those fees etc.) because Im so in love with this print. Now, standing in AP's Pop-Up Shop I had the opportunity to buy the Salopette in pink for .. only.. 101,00€. Thats what I thought at first glance. Then Yoko corrected me:  75,60€ !!! Sense of pleasure were thrilling my whole body X'D and the salopette was mine!

in advance - a photo from a lil shooting we had in Borken last weekend

I always wanted to own a Salopette and now I got one with one of my absolute favorite series/print ^_^ Salopettes are perfect for hot summer days! I will wear this salopette for sure quite often.. maybe even to my workplace X'D


  1. Herz...bleibt...stehen......zu...süß...x_x

    Hat sich echt gelohnt ^o^ Schön, dass du fündig geworden bist :3

  2. Baby & AP Shop wuah~ *O* ToyDrops ist echt schön! Es ist einfach dein Print und dann noch als Salopette! Lucky~! v(^o^)v

  3. Das Salopette steht dir echt gut!!

  4. So cute:з

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