Saturday, July 12, 2014

Japan Expo 2014 in Paris

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

for quite a long time I wanted to travel to Paris and last weekend I finally did it. Actually Yoko Rosedust and me only wanted to visit Paris because we had tickets for the Following Alice Tea Party on sundays but during our scheduling we noticed that the Japan Expo was also held at exactly that weekend and so decided we to stay for the whole weekend then. Via Thalys we arrived at Paris on Friday evening and went then our way to the Japan Expo on saturday morning.

From train station Gare du Nord we took a train directly to the exhibiton center. It took a while til we could enter the Japan Expo finally but it was all well organized and there were no crush at all. First, I didn't know where I should go and look first. Im familiar with Japan/Anime/Popculture-Conventions in Germany but the Japan Expo is another league. It's really more an exhibition than a convention and the range of retailers was stunning. Just after a few minutes we kinda directly run into Domo-Kun, the mascot of broadcaster NHK.

isn't he lovely? - Yoko and me prefered to wear a Casual Lolita Outfit for Japan Expo

I were stunned that NHK (World) was present at Japan Expo. I love watching NHK World, it may sound nerdy but they truly my favourite TV station. Shortly before we ran into Domo-kun we passed the Manga & Anime Area and spotted a lot of interesting merchandise:

Sailor Moon figures *__* they were very well done made

Hello Kitty celebrated her 40th anniversary this year

and due to that they released an exclusive Robot Hello Kitty series

Next we headed to the Popculture area (or the so called "Kawaii!! Area"):

The area was produced by "Moshi Moshi Nippon" and offered live music and several shows and acts and artists. Before we made our way to the main stage we were greeted by really friendly staff of "Okinawa Kawaii" and "Osaka Kawaii"-booths. While having chats with them we were able to take pictures of us of inside the booths:

with "Okinawa Kawaii"-mascot Shi-Mocopi

with the friendly staff of Osaka Kawaii!!

Thereafter we strolled towards the main stage and met Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Sadly, she wasn't actually present but at least her original (!) "PonPonPon"-costume and a life-sized standee was:

I'd love to pick up the costume *__*

KPP advertising for "Moshi Moshi Nippon"

Once I could quit my "KPP-Fan-Mode" we finally reached the main stage. At this time nothing special was going on and we decided to visit the Fashion-retailer-booths. I never saw such a wide range of retailers before. I was really stunned and overchallenged first, haha~ XD. Well, in the end I found some cute things not just for myself. ^__~

Meanwhile we got hungry and after we satisfy hunger we discovered the "Game area". Nintendo, Square Enix and more were presenting their current and upcoming top sellers.

Upcoming Smash - can't wait to buy it! *__*

Yoshis Woolly World shows Nintendo's passion - their love in each detail.

I am listening to K.K.'s songs.. <3

The area was so huge, too, I could have spent a whole day there without getting bored but because there was still so much else to see we made our way back towards the "Kawaii Area". Yoko Rosedust absolutely wanted to see Funassyi's live performance. Before Funassyi entered the stage we were introduced into the concept of "Moshi Moshi Nippon". "Moshi Moshi Nippon" is a project which should help to spread japanese popculture to the world via live acts, shows, information booth and so on.
Thereafter, Neeko introduced Funassyi onto stage.

Funassyi then started to rock the show and I must admit - Im now a Funassyi-fan. o(^///^)o What a crazy thing! If you don't know Funassyi yet, you really need to have a look at a few videos. X'D
Later on, even Misako Aoki joined the stage.

Misako looked beautiful as always <3

I enjoyed the Japan Expo and to be honest Im already starting to think about visiting the Japan Expo next year somehow again. It's really worth the money (~20€ for saturdays). After Japan Expo we went back to our hotel and made our way to the Lolita stores located in Paris - but I will write about this in a separate entry.
Now, last but not least: Thank you, Yoko! We really need to repeat a trip like this. <3

Geeky geek geekies ;D


  1. Ich bin nicht neidisch oder so - nein, ganz bestimmt nicht! ... Vielleicht ein bisschen ... Ein bisschen viel XD

  2. Einfach nur wow *-* so unglaublich toll T^T und Misako! D: