Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mariko's 2nd Surgery & Overall Bad News From My Pets

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

only a few weeks after Marikos first surgery, I'd spotted new lumps. This time Mari had three lumps at her throat. I felt helpless once again. Last friday then Mari went in surgery and my vet told me that she needed to make a deep cut til the carotid artery U__U . Actually, this is worse enough but the fact, that the tumour/lump was not located right under the first skinlayer but "destroyed" the surrounding cells does mean that the lumps were malign. I really hope that the lumps haven't spread yet so that everything malign now has been removed during the surgery. Mariko is doing pretty fine, eventhough the surgery was more difficult, her wound is healing fine, too. Meanwhile, after 4 days, Mari and me are friends again.. she really bear grudges ;-) Unfortunately, Mari removed quite a lot of the stitches already. Her wound looks fine but I need to have a closer look at it, our appointment for removing the stitches is actually not until next monday.. :-/

You can still see the once shaved parts from her first surgery

Mari and her new "wound"

As I picked Mari up after her surgery I wasn't all alone: Carli accompanied me. One day before Maris surgery I discovered 3 (!!) suspicious lumps which I wanted to check. Eventhough I guess what my vet would told me, I hoped so much that she would tell me that this suspicious lumps are only "fat swellings" or something else harmlessly but the truth is that Carli got in total even 4 lumps at 3 different body locations. In consultation with my vet I decided that we do not operate the lumps due to Carli's high age (she is 2 years and 2 months old) and her condition. While giving my pet rats their run I didn't noticed that much how old Carli has become - but bringing her to the vet, to an unkown area where she feels uncomfortable, I noticed that this takes quite a lot out of her. She has also thin hair and her muscles starting fainting. I felt sorry for her and for now I want to make her last weeks as comfortable and great as possible. She may will have 4 weeks left, maybe even 8 or 12 weeks - it all depends on the growth of her lumps. She should enjoy the autumn of her life...

Carli's favourite hobby: chilling

Because that wasn't enough drama and bad news for this week, Joy got ill last weekend. On sunday morning Don and I redecorated their aviary and everything seems to be fine, all rats cased their new "furniture". A hour later I noticed that Joy was feeling bad. As I had a closer look I spotted that she had a sort of foam at her mouth and was choaking. To be honest, I panicked first. I didn't know what to do and went to an emergency doctor (it was sunday!). Joy looked really bad, she had convulsions. The vet checked her mouth and throat but they seemed to be okay (we had the assumption that she had something stuck in her throat). Moreover, Joy hadn't much breathing trouble and so she seemed to have an upset stomach, which was likely for her because she has a sensitive stomach. She got in total 3 injections (relaxation remedy, pain medication and so on). Now we needed to wait and slow but steady Joy seem to feel better. She needed about one day to be totally on track again and Im so delighted she is healthy again. She really worried me much - I never saw something like that before by one of my pet rats - and I've had pet rats for almost my whole life now.


Let's cross fingers that my rat gang will have a few healthier weeks right now ^__^


  1. Ich wünsche jeder einzelnen deiner Rattis eine gute Besserung - und vorallem auch Carli noch ein schönes und hoffentlich unerwartet langes Leben :(

  2. Sorry to hear about Carli's failing healthy. :( I really do hope that she has a peaceful passing in her old age, and I've admired how much care and love you put into your little sweet rats.

  3. Oh weh oh weh - die kleinen Biester... Ich hoffe, alle erholen sich gut - bzw. haben noch einen schönen, angenehmen Lebensabend. Ich kann deine Entscheidung hier vollkommen verstehen.

    Wie ärgerlich, dass unsere kleinen Monster so anfällig sind :/

    Gute Besserung an alle!

  4. I'm so sorry to heard about it... :(
    I think your pet is really glad that you care about her so much! :)

  5. Ich hoffe deinen Süßen haben noch eine möglichst unbeschwerte Zeit vor sich. Sind die 3 eigentlich verwand? Wir hatten ja bisher immer Ratten-Brüder gehalten, und die hatten leider auch alle irgentwann ähnliche Krankheiten oder auch die gleiche Art Krebs :-( . Bei unseren kam es aber nie zu einer OP, da wir nie operablen Krebs hatten. Ich drück die Daumen.

  6. Oh nein, das sind ja wirklich keine guten Neuigkeiten. :(
    Für deine kleinen Fellnasen gute Besserung! Ganz besonders für Carli und dass ihr noch ganz viel unbeschwerte Zeit bleibt.