Saturday, June 14, 2014

DoKomi 2014

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

finally it's convention time again! Exactly one week ago, we went to the DoKomi in Düsseldorf. I looked forward to this event quite a while. The weather was quite hot and so it came that we spent most of the time inside, in the Kongress Center. We strolled around and I was pleasantly surprised bout the the variety of traders. At the Nikon booth we stopped and did a group photo:

As you can see, that day we were wearing all four completely different Cosplays:

Don himself was wearing a Cosplay - again! Actually he isn't that interested in Cosplay but then sometime he decided to Cosplay Miku from An Cafe and weared his Outfit from the "My Heart Leaps for C" - PV. He even went out without wearing glasses for the time.

Actually, I wanted to wear a new Cosplay but due Kuraude and Mochi didn't finished their ones in time to sundry reasons, I decided to wear my Lillymon Cosplay again. I weared it only once during Connichi 2013 and back then it was raining almost the whole day.

Kuraude weared her Virgo (Fairy Tail) Cosplay again. Kuraude looks so different with short pink hair but it suits her also very well.

Mochi was the lucky one of us four who didn't weared a wig that day. He weared his "original bought in Japan (or better Narita Airport)" Cosplay. According to Mochi, he represented during DoKomi the Son Goku version of the Dragon Ball movies.

Later on we met up with Yoko, Tony, PrincessTenko, Fraeulein_Elisabeth and her boyfriend. It was great seeing them again. A shame that we do not see each other that often.

front row: Mochi, Kuraude, Don and Tony / back row: PrincessTenko, me and Yoko.

Due to the great variety of traders I also spent a bit money and bought two items:

This ring I bought in the "Fashion Area"-Corner from swedish Lolita brand/retailer "Ergi". 

Pika, pika, Nippon!
As I discovered this Pikachu I had to gasp for breath. For the Fifa world cup 2014, Pikachu and 10 other Pokemon (Charmander, Squirtle.. etc.) has been named as official mascots for the japanese soccer team. Adidas as official kit of the team also designed football shirts with a Pikachu emblem on it. I instantly felt in love with the Pokemon soccer series and already gave up hope to get anything of the merchandise and then this plushie came across. It really made my day ^__^

Altogether I enjoyed the DoKomi and I will visit DoKomi next year for sure again. <33


  1. Ich wäre auch gerne zur Dokomi gegangen und hoffentlich kann ich nächstes Jahr endlich mal hin! :3
    Dein Lillymon Cosplay gefällt mir auch sehr gut. ^w^ Und ich find's schön, dass ihr 4 immer so viel zusammen macht.

  2. War ne echt coole Truppe auf der Dokomi!

  3. "According to Mochi, he represented during DoKomi the WEIRD Son Goku version of the Dragon Ball movies." ! XD

    Das war einer der extrem wenigen Tage, die mir trotz der hohen Temperatur gefallen haben :3