Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally A Lolita Friends Meet-Up In Düsseldorf Again

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

it's been a while since I met up with my Lolita besties in Düsseldorf and so it was about time! As usually our first aim for today was Kiku Sushi again. But we also took some photos and tried to catch a sort of "Street Snap Style"-flavour:

PrincessTenko, me, Don, Kuraude and Fraeulein_Elisabeth

Fraeulein_Elisabeth looked both noble by wearing f. e. that pair of gloves and cute by wearing a cat ears hairband. 

Kuraude was once again our lovely angel in red. 

PrincessTenko poured a cute and cheeky aura

(Casual) Sweet Lolita Style

We also went to Takagi's Book Store and to the japanese supermarket. I love strolling through all those japanese stores and discover new products very much. After this exhausting shopping tour we took a seat at Sphere Bay. They not only selling great BubbleTea but also very delicious cookies. Moreover, you can enjoy yourself in an area full of popculture. They even supply pencils and papers for their customers and so I gave it a try and drawed the four ladies (Im just too untalented to draw boy/mens - sorry Don!):

PrincessTenko, Fraeulein_Elisabeth, Kuraude and me in Chibi-Style

I really enjoyed the day with my boyfriend and my Lolita besties. A shame we can't meet up more often and from now it will take at least still three more weeks til we will see us each other all again. U__U But well, the greatest pleasure probably lies in the anticipation...


Sunday, June 22, 2014

14th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

just a short post about last week's Lolita Meet-Up. Summertime is picnic-time - last sunday the 14. Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place and we met up to have a picnic the whole day long. We went to the Burtscheider Kurgarten which is only 5 minutes to go from the maintrain station.

thanks to Don who took almost all photos that day <3

Unlike the last Meet-Up at Burg Stolberg we did not pose that much for photos but enjoyed ourselves and the nice weather. Within the first 90 minutes we have had eaten almost everything we brought with to our picnic and to be honest everyone brought quite a lot with to eat and drink - we're just to greedy X'D

this photo shows only the first part of our "multiple-course-menu"

Hello Kitty is making new friends

I hope that everyone enjoyed the picnic as much as I did. It's great spending a day with like-minded people and swap ideas and informations about Lolita topics.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

DoKomi 2014

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

finally it's convention time again! Exactly one week ago, we went to the DoKomi in Düsseldorf. I looked forward to this event quite a while. The weather was quite hot and so it came that we spent most of the time inside, in the Kongress Center. We strolled around and I was pleasantly surprised bout the the variety of traders. At the Nikon booth we stopped and did a group photo:

As you can see, that day we were wearing all four completely different Cosplays:

Don himself was wearing a Cosplay - again! Actually he isn't that interested in Cosplay but then sometime he decided to Cosplay Miku from An Cafe and weared his Outfit from the "My Heart Leaps for C" - PV. He even went out without wearing glasses for the time.

Actually, I wanted to wear a new Cosplay but due Kuraude and Mochi didn't finished their ones in time to sundry reasons, I decided to wear my Lillymon Cosplay again. I weared it only once during Connichi 2013 and back then it was raining almost the whole day.

Kuraude weared her Virgo (Fairy Tail) Cosplay again. Kuraude looks so different with short pink hair but it suits her also very well.

Mochi was the lucky one of us four who didn't weared a wig that day. He weared his "original bought in Japan (or better Narita Airport)" Cosplay. According to Mochi, he represented during DoKomi the Son Goku version of the Dragon Ball movies.

Later on we met up with Yoko, Tony, PrincessTenko, Fraeulein_Elisabeth and her boyfriend. It was great seeing them again. A shame that we do not see each other that often.

front row: Mochi, Kuraude, Don and Tony / back row: PrincessTenko, me and Yoko.

Due to the great variety of traders I also spent a bit money and bought two items:

This ring I bought in the "Fashion Area"-Corner from swedish Lolita brand/retailer "Ergi". 

Pika, pika, Nippon!
As I discovered this Pikachu I had to gasp for breath. For the Fifa world cup 2014, Pikachu and 10 other Pokemon (Charmander, Squirtle.. etc.) has been named as official mascots for the japanese soccer team. Adidas as official kit of the team also designed football shirts with a Pikachu emblem on it. I instantly felt in love with the Pokemon soccer series and already gave up hope to get anything of the merchandise and then this plushie came across. It really made my day ^__^

Altogether I enjoyed the DoKomi and I will visit DoKomi next year for sure again. <33

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mariko's 2nd Surgery & Overall Bad News From My Pets

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

only a few weeks after Marikos first surgery, I'd spotted new lumps. This time Mari had three lumps at her throat. I felt helpless once again. Last friday then Mari went in surgery and my vet told me that she needed to make a deep cut til the carotid artery U__U . Actually, this is worse enough but the fact, that the tumour/lump was not located right under the first skinlayer but "destroyed" the surrounding cells does mean that the lumps were malign. I really hope that the lumps haven't spread yet so that everything malign now has been removed during the surgery. Mariko is doing pretty fine, eventhough the surgery was more difficult, her wound is healing fine, too. Meanwhile, after 4 days, Mari and me are friends again.. she really bear grudges ;-) Unfortunately, Mari removed quite a lot of the stitches already. Her wound looks fine but I need to have a closer look at it, our appointment for removing the stitches is actually not until next monday.. :-/

You can still see the once shaved parts from her first surgery

Mari and her new "wound"

As I picked Mari up after her surgery I wasn't all alone: Carli accompanied me. One day before Maris surgery I discovered 3 (!!) suspicious lumps which I wanted to check. Eventhough I guess what my vet would told me, I hoped so much that she would tell me that this suspicious lumps are only "fat swellings" or something else harmlessly but the truth is that Carli got in total even 4 lumps at 3 different body locations. In consultation with my vet I decided that we do not operate the lumps due to Carli's high age (she is 2 years and 2 months old) and her condition. While giving my pet rats their run I didn't noticed that much how old Carli has become - but bringing her to the vet, to an unkown area where she feels uncomfortable, I noticed that this takes quite a lot out of her. She has also thin hair and her muscles starting fainting. I felt sorry for her and for now I want to make her last weeks as comfortable and great as possible. She may will have 4 weeks left, maybe even 8 or 12 weeks - it all depends on the growth of her lumps. She should enjoy the autumn of her life...

Carli's favourite hobby: chilling

Because that wasn't enough drama and bad news for this week, Joy got ill last weekend. On sunday morning Don and I redecorated their aviary and everything seems to be fine, all rats cased their new "furniture". A hour later I noticed that Joy was feeling bad. As I had a closer look I spotted that she had a sort of foam at her mouth and was choaking. To be honest, I panicked first. I didn't know what to do and went to an emergency doctor (it was sunday!). Joy looked really bad, she had convulsions. The vet checked her mouth and throat but they seemed to be okay (we had the assumption that she had something stuck in her throat). Moreover, Joy hadn't much breathing trouble and so she seemed to have an upset stomach, which was likely for her because she has a sensitive stomach. She got in total 3 injections (relaxation remedy, pain medication and so on). Now we needed to wait and slow but steady Joy seem to feel better. She needed about one day to be totally on track again and Im so delighted she is healthy again. She really worried me much - I never saw something like that before by one of my pet rats - and I've had pet rats for almost my whole life now.


Let's cross fingers that my rat gang will have a few healthier weeks right now ^__^

Monday, June 2, 2014

1. Castles & Princesses - Lolita Meet-Up in Brühl

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

together with Don I went to Brühl last saturday to visit Schloss Augustusburg and to take part in the "1. Castles & Princesses"-Lolita Meet-Up. We took part in a guided tour inside Schloss Augustusburg. Schloss Augustusburg looks already beautiful from the outside but inside the castle - the stairwell, the dinner rooms and so on.. STUNNING! - crystal clear it has become a world heritage sign of the UNESCO. What a shame that it was strictly forbidden to take any photos of inside the castle. After the guided tour we went outside again and splitted up for photos:

I weared my Innocent World "Tsuchida Yutaka Rabbit and Squirrel" finally again ^-^

sight on Schloss Augustusburg from train-station Brühl

It was so sunny.. almost too sunny.. we have a great spring time this year in germany


view on the garden from inside the castle during our guided tour (the only place where it was allowed to take a photo)

Don and I strolled through the garden and we caught the attention of a japanese family. They were so cute.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay til the end of the Meet-Up due to other business, nevertheless Im glad that Don and I have visited Schloss Augustusburg. Sometimes, I find myself thinking that my local area isn't that beautiful and has nothing special to offer, but then I realize that Im just routine-blinded...