Friday, May 30, 2014

Three laps on Nürburgring Nordschleife "Green Hell"

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

besides "Oktoberfest", beer and sausages, germany is also popular among people who like to drive fast. In (almost) no other country you can drive as fast as in germany on motorways or on ordinary highways. Don is a big motorsport and car enthusiast and belated to his birthday he had lent a car and invited Mochi, PrincessTenko and me to join him during in total three rounds at Nürburgring Nordschleife (north loop).

The Nordschleife is regularly open for tourist rides which means that you can explore the Nordschleife (also known as "green hell") as a driver with your car. Important to mention is, that the Nordschleife in no modern race course. Blind curves, steep grades and the frequent changes in road surface conditions making the Nordschleife to a really demanding course for any motorsport fan. Knowing each angle of the track is necessary and most helpful. I personally, would never drive at Nordschleife because I do not know the track and so I do not have the confident. But Don knows every single angle of the track, he could drive there on his sleep and he is anyways a very good driver.

we in front of our racing car ;-)

waiting to be on the track: PrincessTenko, I, Don and Mochi

As we arrived the track we had to wait a little while because the track has been temporary closed due to an accident. We were only able to finish our first round as the track had to be closed again due to another accident. Don had a chat with one of the staff-members of the Nürburgring and was told that the track will be close for at least appr. 1 hour because of the serious crash just happened. We decided then to have some lunch and found a lil but good fries stand in a nearby village. Thereafter it was time to head back to the circuit and Mochi even recorded the 3rd lap completely. Here is one sequence of us driving through the "Karussel":

The "Karussel" is a pretty bumpy section of the track and according to Don it got still it's original pavement surface from decades ago. Just as we finished our third and last lap for today the track has been closed again. I went to the Nordschleife several times now, but for today they were noticeable many crashs. :-/ Some people simply overestimate theirselves and well, the green hell do not forgives that. Eventhough Don knows the track inside out, there is still one or other curve/part where he drives through with less speed and more careful because the track is tricky.

Racing on a circuit like the Norschleife is an experience everyone should make. If you feel unsure to drive by yourself you have the chance to accompany an experienced racing driver. Im glad that I could once again join Don. Its always a lot of fun but it thrills me, too. ^__^6


  1. Sind das bloomers die du da trägst? °-° <3 Suuuuuper süß!

    1. JAA *__* Bloomers sind so MEGA praktisch.. ich brauche mehr davon

  2. Oh Gott, das wäre nichts für mich. xDD Aber klingt toll, wenn man sich für sowas interessiert. ^^