Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joy's surgery

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

seems like 5 weeks not visiting the vet for making a surgery appointment is more than enough: This time it's Joy's turn. Joy was lucky enough that she didn't had to go in surgery by now, she "only" catched a tough cold once and had colics thereafter due the medicine she had to take back then (OMG, I felt so sorry for Joy, do you ever saw a pet rat / rodent having colics? It looks terrible!!). Well, the lump seemed to be well operable, you could easily sway it. Yesterday then, Joy went in surgery.

Joy (Snow) is the mummy of Evora and Mariko. I took care of her as she became pregnant back then

My mum again had the task to bring Joy to the vet in the morning. Im really more than thankful that my mum stand in for me. Last week I started working at my new workplace and due to that Im currently not able to take time off. In the afternoon, I picked Joy up at the vet and I was delighted to see that she is doing well. Im glad that the lump didn't growed that much - the smaller the tumour the smaller the risk and pain. According to my vet, the tumour has been benign.

Joy, a few hours after the surgery. The wound seems not to bother her in anyway..

Joy has to spend the next week in a separate cage in order her she can recover and, this is actually the more important / truer aspect,  her wound can heal completely without getting gnawed by her rat mates. Compared with Mariko, Joy is easy to handle. She is a pretty nozy, unprejudged and patient. But maybe, she is simply unconcerned. ^__^ Going to the vet with Joy is always "enJOYable" and she even takes the acerbically medicine freely. 

such a cutie!
Joy is now 1 year and 8 months old. I want to celebrate her 2nd birthday at the end of august so much...

By the way, next surgery appointment is just around the corner: Mariko got a lil lump again and she got a sort of pneumonia which is hard to treaten. By now, no medicine worked... well, we will see what the future brings.. :-/


  1. Das arme Tierchen. :/ Die ganzen Operationsfälle in deinem Rudel scheinen aber auch nicht abzunehmen, was? >_< Gute Besserung für Joy jedenfalls!

    Und eher off-topic: Du bist doch am Samstag bestimmt auch auf dem Japantag dabei, oder? ^_- Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja dieses Jahr.

    1. Ja, im Moment ist es etwas sehr.. anstrengend.. meine Nerven ^_^6

      Bzgl. Japantag: Ja ich war da aber ich konnte dich leider nicht erspähen D: