Friday, May 30, 2014

Three laps on Nürburgring Nordschleife "Green Hell"

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

besides "Oktoberfest", beer and sausages, germany is also popular among people who like to drive fast. In (almost) no other country you can drive as fast as in germany on motorways or on ordinary highways. Don is a big motorsport and car enthusiast and belated to his birthday he had lent a car and invited Mochi, PrincessTenko and me to join him during in total three rounds at Nürburgring Nordschleife (north loop).

The Nordschleife is regularly open for tourist rides which means that you can explore the Nordschleife (also known as "green hell") as a driver with your car. Important to mention is, that the Nordschleife in no modern race course. Blind curves, steep grades and the frequent changes in road surface conditions making the Nordschleife to a really demanding course for any motorsport fan. Knowing each angle of the track is necessary and most helpful. I personally, would never drive at Nordschleife because I do not know the track and so I do not have the confident. But Don knows every single angle of the track, he could drive there on his sleep and he is anyways a very good driver.

we in front of our racing car ;-)

waiting to be on the track: PrincessTenko, I, Don and Mochi

As we arrived the track we had to wait a little while because the track has been temporary closed due to an accident. We were only able to finish our first round as the track had to be closed again due to another accident. Don had a chat with one of the staff-members of the Nürburgring and was told that the track will be close for at least appr. 1 hour because of the serious crash just happened. We decided then to have some lunch and found a lil but good fries stand in a nearby village. Thereafter it was time to head back to the circuit and Mochi even recorded the 3rd lap completely. Here is one sequence of us driving through the "Karussel":

The "Karussel" is a pretty bumpy section of the track and according to Don it got still it's original pavement surface from decades ago. Just as we finished our third and last lap for today the track has been closed again. I went to the Nordschleife several times now, but for today they were noticeable many crashs. :-/ Some people simply overestimate theirselves and well, the green hell do not forgives that. Eventhough Don knows the track inside out, there is still one or other curve/part where he drives through with less speed and more careful because the track is tricky.

Racing on a circuit like the Norschleife is an experience everyone should make. If you feel unsure to drive by yourself you have the chance to accompany an experienced racing driver. Im glad that I could once again join Don. Its always a lot of fun but it thrills me, too. ^__^6

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Japantag - Japan Day - Nihon Day 2014

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

like a lot of Japan lovers I went to the Japantag (日本デ) in Düsseldorf last saturday. For this years Japantag I finally managed it to wear a Yukata. To put on a Yukata isn't easy at first sight, so I'm glad that I could convince my sis Skullina to assist me. She also did my hair in the morning - I wish I were at least only half as talented as her in the matter of hair dressing and so on. While staying at my sisters place in the morning my mum also came by by chance and assisted us and eyed everything up. ;-) Thereafter, Don, Mochi, Kuraude and I went off and towards 12:00pm we arrived in Düsseldorf and tried to made our way through the crowd.

soap bubble dance

Kuraude and Mochi also weared traditional clothes, we were a quite harmonious trio, don't you think? ^__^ 

Kuraude, me and Mochi

Kuraude, Don and Mochi

At 1:00pm we met up with PrincessTenko who would spent the weekend at our place again *__* She looked mega cute:

In contrast to Japantag 2013 we had great weather and as a consequence we all had sunburn X'D. But due to the good weather, the Japantag was more crowded than last year. At one point we were really stuck in the crowd for minutes, luckily nobody went crazy and so there was no big hustle and bustle.

One thing I like the most about Japantag is that it is a sort of class meeting - we always meet so many friends and acquaintances and I really enjoying the chats. We even met Don's mum and his sister and many more, for example:

Zubara with Mochi
the one and only Sebi

Jess *__* - GREAT GREAT Cosplay!!


Yoko Rosedust and Tony

Marli and Manuel (from StreetPass Aachen) 
Although we met a lot of people we missed to meet a lot (especially when havin a look at the blogs of girls/boys Im following.. =( ). To come under ten thousands of people and intermittent mobile and internet network is kind a luck of the draw.

During early evening we spend most of the time on our picnic rug. Don also celebrated his birthday later and we surprised him with even more presents. ^O^
Wearing a Yukata and sort of Geta the whole day is a bit demanding for such an unathletic person like me. In good time prior the fireworks we looked for a good place to view it. This years topic was "Seasons of the year". The implementation was great and I liked the autumn fireworks the most (that golden rain *__*). Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the firework because the battery of our camera went flat during the early evening =(

I LOVE soap bubbles <3

Well, I hope you enjoyed Japantag as much as I did this year. Hope to see you (again) next year!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joy's surgery

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

seems like 5 weeks not visiting the vet for making a surgery appointment is more than enough: This time it's Joy's turn. Joy was lucky enough that she didn't had to go in surgery by now, she "only" catched a tough cold once and had colics thereafter due the medicine she had to take back then (OMG, I felt so sorry for Joy, do you ever saw a pet rat / rodent having colics? It looks terrible!!). Well, the lump seemed to be well operable, you could easily sway it. Yesterday then, Joy went in surgery.

Joy (Snow) is the mummy of Evora and Mariko. I took care of her as she became pregnant back then

My mum again had the task to bring Joy to the vet in the morning. Im really more than thankful that my mum stand in for me. Last week I started working at my new workplace and due to that Im currently not able to take time off. In the afternoon, I picked Joy up at the vet and I was delighted to see that she is doing well. Im glad that the lump didn't growed that much - the smaller the tumour the smaller the risk and pain. According to my vet, the tumour has been benign.

Joy, a few hours after the surgery. The wound seems not to bother her in anyway..

Joy has to spend the next week in a separate cage in order her she can recover and, this is actually the more important / truer aspect,  her wound can heal completely without getting gnawed by her rat mates. Compared with Mariko, Joy is easy to handle. She is a pretty nozy, unprejudged and patient. But maybe, she is simply unconcerned. ^__^ Going to the vet with Joy is always "enJOYable" and she even takes the acerbically medicine freely. 

such a cutie!
Joy is now 1 year and 8 months old. I want to celebrate her 2nd birthday at the end of august so much...

By the way, next surgery appointment is just around the corner: Mariko got a lil lump again and she got a sort of pneumonia which is hard to treaten. By now, no medicine worked... well, we will see what the future brings.. :-/

Friday, May 2, 2014

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "NandaCollection World Tour 2014" - Cologne

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

last weekend was full of fun. Saturdays was the 13. Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up and on sundays I went to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Cologne. As I mentioned in my post before, Yoko and her husband stayed that weekend at our place and so we went together to the concert. The night before the concert I was so excited that I only could hardly sleep. >__>
I'm a big fan of KPP, she's almost like a kind of idol for me - I was so happy as she announced that she would held a concert in Cologne and now I wanted to stand best in the front row. And this means that we went pretty early to the concert hall. After picking up Mochi at his place, I think we reached the hall towards 1:00pm already and luckily only a few fans were waiting yet there, too. The concert should only start towards 8:00pm, admission would take place at 7:00pm... now we "only" needed to bridge time.. somehow. We chatted a lot, took photos, played Nintendo 3DS, wrote into Con-Hons et cetera...

(c) Tony Chopper

MissX Neko was probably the first KPP-fan in front of the concert hall that day. It was great seeing her again, she is real eye candy and such a sweetheart <3

the best boyfriend on earth was at my side, too. <3 - words can't describe how thankful I am to call him my boyfriend. He waited with us all the time despite he did not went to concert at all but went to a sushi restaurant with Tony

me and lovely Yoko

supercute PrincessTenko and me
But we above were only a handful of all those many people who wanted to see Kyary this evening. Kate Ryna made a great video where you can see many stylish KPP-fans and cuttings from the concert itself also:

Already towards 6:30pm the admission started. Now everything needed to go fast and we went straight to the stage room, turning our back on the merchandise booth and the photocorner with Pamyurin in order to stand in front row. Oh my gosh - this is the first time ever for me standing in the front row during a concert - clear sight on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!!

(c) by Kirumi

encore-outfit - (c) Kirumi
I was overwhelmed as she entered the stage. I think I got teary eyes for excitement. She is as pretty and cute as in all her videos. The first song of the night was "Invader Invader" and it instantly filled the venue with excitement. Kyary weared in total four different outfits during the concert. Beside her "classics" like "PonPonPon" she played also her newest single "FamilyParty" and a lot of songs from her 2nd Album "NandaCollection". I enjoyed every minute of the concert and I think that KPP and her dancers (what a fantastic job they did!!!) enjoyed the concert also, eventhough Cologne was the smallest europe gig for her by far. The concert ended with "Fashion Monster" actually. After our encore-call she came back on stage and played "Candy Candy" (one of my favourites) and "Tyantyakatyantyan".

Before we left the concert hall we tried to took a photo with us and the stage in the background..

Kirumi, Meister, Mochi, PrincessTenko, me and Yoko
..well, at least we tried. The security men were pushing us to leave the hall D:
Our last traget for today was the merchandise booth. What a tight squeeze. Luckily I could get the last KPP-hoodie in size S and the last shirt in skyblue for Mochi.

PrincessTenko, Zubara, me, Mochi, Yoko & Meister

ありがとうごやいますきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - See you again! <3 <3 <3