Tuesday, April 29, 2014

13th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I really looked forward to this weekend because Yoko Rosedust and her husband would stay at our place. Saturdays the 13. Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place and on sundays we would attend the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Cologne (I will write about this in a separate post, "first row" yeah~). Well, our destination for the 13. Aix-La-Chapelle was the visit of the Burg Stolberg, which is located admidst the historical inner town of Stolberg-Aachen.
I was a bit astonished that the Burg was so unpeopled. In beforehand, I was really afraid that it would be too crowded on saturdays. As such, we had (almost) the whole Burg for ourself to take pictures and milling around. ^__^

That day we were in total 10 Lolita's and we had 3 "Bodyguards" (Don, Mochi and Yoko's husband) with us, too. I am always enjoying my boyfriends company during our Meet-Ups <'3.


Because climbing stairs made us feel hungry we took a seat in the Burg's cofee shop. The coffee shop there looked so cute/drolly, we occupied the whole room. The cakes there were so delicious and good at price. <3 And sorry again to the group for the lil detour to the cafe in beforehand - seems like I was a bit baffled (or maybe just hypoglycaemic) ~ U_U6
After that, we were refreshed and took a few more photos and chatted even more:

Kuraude and me

Yoko and me


Personally, I think that we were such a great and dynamic group that day, each one made this day so fabulous. It was such a delightful meet-up for me with seeing (well-)known faces again but also get to know new faces. I hope that everyone enjoyed the Meet-Up as much as I did and looking forward to see you again. <333

Monday, April 21, 2014

Usai in Japan 2013 - Kyoto's Golden Temple Kinkaku-ji

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

when I get asked, which is the most impressive/beautiful building in the world for me, I would answer without hesitation: "Kinkaku-ji". I think I have never seen such an impressive building as the temple is in my whole life. On our photos it almost looks like the temple is painted and the reflection of the temple in the water is also striking. The temple is girded with an unique splendor. Crystal clear, that it is one of Kyoto's greatest landmarks (or even of whole Japan). I'm so happy that we visited the Kinkaku-ji and the garden during our stay in Japan last summer.

the temple is covered in gold leaf

The temple was probably built at the end of the 14th century and is a temple of Zen sect of buddhism. The temple has been burnt down more than once, no matter due to wars or arson (1950s). In 1955 the temple has been restored and is by now recognized as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. You have to pay an admission of 400 Yen (~3,30€) to enter - but it is worth!!! I don't think I need to write any more details bout the temple and it's garden - the photos speaking for themselves:

tourist mode ON - it looks like Im standing in front of a painting - but the temple is reality X'D

Kinkaku-ji and the pond Kyoko-chi

Kuraude, Don and Mochi in front of the installation
souvenir shops and more

The day we visited the temple was probably the hottest day during our journey in Japan. It is told, that it is in Kyoto almost always even warmer than in the rest of Japan. Japanese summers are way hotter and muggier than in central europe. Ironically, I didn't had any sunburn in Japan (yeah!!) but sadly I came back to germany with no browned skin at all and had to bear my friends/colleagues funny jokes about my "so not browned" skin. Seems like my fair skin is immune to sun...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Harajuku Fashion Walk Germany - Düsseldorf #2

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

my besties and I took part in the "Harajuku Fashion Walk Germany - Düsseldorf #2" (organized by  Deco Rangers) last saturday. I looked forward to this event quite awhile since I wanted to try and wear an outfit which is not Lolita. Don, Mochi and I met up with PrincessTenko already around 1:00pm at central station and a little later Zubara joined us, too.

Cute PrincessTenko and me

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Shirt: Baby, the stars shine bright
Hoodie/Cardigan: DreamV
Tights: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Pokemon Center

Zubara, Mochi and Don
Around 2:20pm the walk finally started and we walked towards inner town. First group photo was taken in front of "Japan-Meile":

"wow" so color <3 very people much awesome
Thereafter we walked on towards inner town.

We caused a lot of attention of course but well, that's what we wanted anyways. ^O^ We passed the "Kö" and went into Düsseldorf's historic city to make a second group photo:


Then we headed to our final destination: Rheinufer (Rhine). It's amazing how deserted the Rheinufer is normally - usually I visit the Rheinufer only during Japantag / Nihon-Day once a year and then it is more than crowded >__>"

the sun blinds me - again X'D
After this photo-shooting the Walk officially ended. It was great seeing so many different styles - this is real eye candy for me.
We then went back to Japan-Meile and enjoyed some Sushi and BubbleTea. I really enjoy such days, they refresh my (daily) life.

Kuzu, a member of the DecoRangers, filmed and uploaded this great video of the Harajuku Fashion Walk. Enjoy:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Heading for new shores - new job!

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

sorry, personal post.
As I mentioned in some of my posts before, I was quite busy during february and march. The reason behind that was my change of job towards the end of march. My former job wasn't fulfilling me anymore and moreover a few, well, let's call them "mysterious" decisions were made (I wrote here also bout it). The best thing to do for me was to look for a new job and I found a great job offer much faster than I thought and nailed it already during mid of February.

My former boss was surprised that I got such a new job that fast and actually he do not wanted me to leave and in the end my new employer had to wait a month longer than they actually planned for me to start working at their place. Im lucky that they agreed - they seem to be very friendly and luckily I am probably that exact person they were looking for! ^O^

Well, in the meantime, I had to train a colleague in my range of duty and at March, 28 was my very last working day at my former employer. The evening before, my mum and I made cake and muffins for my farewell party. I spent more than 6 years at this place and eventhough I was not satisfied with my personal training possibilities here I "enjoyed" my work. I didn't made any friends during this long time because I personally prefer to keep my private life apart from my professional life but I got to know some special people which I will never forget. Sure, that I wanted to give something back.

As I entered my office this morning I was greeted first by this sign at the office door:

this is actually my working place ^_^6

my office colleague and another colleague of mine went very early this morning to work to prepare everything. I felt really touched.

my office colleague ordered this special cupcakes from Cuperella especially for me... <3

another (polish) colleague gave this to me <3 yaaamm~
flowers as far as the eye can see - the two roses I got from Don that day, the lil couple of roses and the sweets I got from my colleagues and the lil deco-flowers in the front I got from our front desk lady

Towards early afternoon I started my "farewell party". My whole department went there and presented me a really great cupboard:

"A cupboard ful of money for a new Lolita dress"

They'd raised money and maked this cupboard. To  be honest, I didn't counted the money yet, actually I would like to save it for bad times but my colleagues isisted that I buy a new Lolita Outfit. ^__^6 During the afternoon also scientists and technicians went to my party. It was great seeing them again and they seemed pretty sad/shocked about me leaving the institute.

A few days before, I received also a special gift from one of our project partners from the Netherlands. He asked me after we finsihed the reporting issue with the EC whether I like Vla (a dutch sweet dessert) and if so which kind of Vla I like the most. I wrote that I like rice vla and forest frutis the most and forgot bout that mails. During my last week at my former workplace I got a call from my colleague who works at our reception: "Someone left a present for you - looks like bakery stuff!". I instantly "ran" down to her room and saw this great Vla's:

I tell you, they were so delicious. Luckily, I got the chance to meet my new friend from the Netherlands because he took part in a workshop which was hold at our institute that day. Guys, I really have to say: I love the dutch people! They are so open-minded and friendly and funny! We promised each other to stay in touch eventhough I will start a new job very soon. What a great guy! He told me that he especially went to this bakery this morning at 6.00am and that this bakery is "famous" in the netherlands for their Vla! <3

During your last days you will always recognize who really likes you and wishes you really the best. I was pretty touched during my last day and although I leave of my own free will I felt kinda sad because time is something you can't shake up that easily. I will for sure miss some of my former colleagues.

But: Who is my new employer? Well, I can't tell you any exact details, but it is also a research institute and also located in Aachen's research campus. My assignment stays more or less the same with the difference that I can improve myself further.

Currently I am enjoying my five weeks lasting holidays. I have to restart working only in May and in the meantime I want to enjoy my life, spent more time with my friends and family and I want to improve my japanese- and sewing-skills.

all the best - a greeting from my former colleagues 

To say farewell isn't that easy at all but on the other hand I can still stay in touch with some of my now ex-colleagues. Can't wait to enjoy a cupcake or two in a few weeks with my ex-bestie-colleagues at Cuperella. =)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kuraude's B*Day - Japanese Tea Ceremony and Eko-Garden Düsseldorf

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

like last year, we celebrated Kuraude's birthday again in Düsseldorf. This year we had great-great weather and went to the Eko-Garten and took part in a japanese tea ceremony. First we strolled through the garden and enjoyed the beautiful view

Mochi, Don and Kuraude

sun is blinding me XD
At 2.00pm started our ceremony and we were introduced into the "Sadō" (茶道 / way of tea). We learned that tea ceremonies are held in traditional japanese rooms and that the ceremony itself consists of many rituals that have to be learned by "heart". The rite has been strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism. The green tea (Matcha) is first prepared by the host and then served to the guest. Additionally, some sweets will be give to the guest to balance the bitter taste of the tea.

A japanese tea ceremony is much more than only serving tea to ones guests. It is about art and aesthetics. The tea ceremony should be an "occasion" to bethink and appreciate one's life for the "simple" things: company of friends, the design of the tea room, the nice weather - simply a moment of pureness. Im lucky that I could finally take part of such a japanese tea ceremony. The ceremony is a interesting but seems to be also a deep topic for which you need to understand and learn a lot.

After the ceremony we went to the buddhism temple. What an impressive atmosphere we had in here:

Now time had come to enjoy the great weather by having a picnic (I was so hungry XD) and presenting Kuraude.

Kuraude, Mochi, Don, me and PrincessTenko.
The Eko Haus / Garden isn't that central located in Düsseldorf but it is worth a visit. Nowhere else in NRW you can enjoy such a japanese atmosphere and moreover, the Eko-Haus culture centre offers a quite wide range of culture and buddhist events. ^__^