Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Yukata arrived & TaoBaoSpree Review

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

these days I am pretty busy, currently I am going through a time of big changes but in appr. two weeks everything will be smoother again. ^__^6

For today, I want to show you my Yukata I have ordered from TaoBao via the TaoBaoSpree agent service and want to tell you about my experiences.
Actually, I wanted to buy a Yukata during my stay in Japan last summer, but somehow I do not found the Yukata I was looking for and in the end I gave up looking for one because my suitcase was overstuffed anyways. Back in germany I searched the internet for Yukata's and made finally a find at TaoBao.

TaoBao is a sort of chinese version of ebay, or better, amazon. The site is completely in chinese, so if you're not fluent in chinese you better use a translater. Among other things, TaoBao offers a wide range of Lolita clothes or, as I'd experienced now, Yukata and other traditional japanese clothes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order from TaoBao shops when you're from abroad but there are a several shopping agents which can do for you. The probably best known shopping agent is "TaoBaoSpree".

It is really easy to order from TaoBao with TaoBaoSpree as agent. After you'd picked up the products you want to buy you just need to send an email to them ( with your filled in order form and one of their agents will contact you to clarify the details. My agent was Ray and he did a great job, I always had a quick reply to my questions. Eventhough it is not clearly stated on their website it seems not possible to buy brand items (I was looking for a Hello Kitty iPhone case, but they couldn't buy it because its brand). Well, Im not going to write any further details about ordering from TaoBao because TaoBaoSpree provides on their own website a great guide and even a FAQ.
I'd ordered the following products: Yukata Set & Yukata socks

The shipping was a new ball game. I choosed EMS as shipping method. One thing I hadn't think about is that many EMS packages from China will be "intercepted" by a "courier service" called GDSK in germany at the central custom service. GDSK "offered" me for a service-fee of "only" 25,00€ to undertake the customs clearance for me (+ customs costs incurred for your products). What a great deal - NOT! I've done a bit of research and in the end I did the customs clearance stuff by myself. If you need assistance by doing the customs clearance stuff I can fully recommend this webblog here: Selbstverzollung . If you do this by yourself, you only need to pay the EUST or ZOLL costs for your products and you can spend the 25,00€ for more useful things than in such an overpriced service-fee.
After all this time of waiting and my effort in doing the customs clearance stuff by myself I was really hoping that it will be it all worth, but have a look for yourself:

the shoes are in a different color than they were shown on the product page, but it's still okay. Somehow they sent me also two Obi instead of one like it was shown.. well, good for me. ^o^

First&Fast trying on - the Yukata is too long for me although the label shows that it fits ladies which are ~163cm tall.
UPDATE: Wearing the Yukata accurate during Japantag 2014:

I am really satisfied with my ordered products, the Yukata is well made and original "made in Japan". In the package they included also a DVD in which you get introduced into the different styles of wearing a Yukata. With certainty I will have a closer look at their video guides to make sure I look accurate at Japantag. Now I only need to think about how I will dress my hair at Japantag... ^o^


  1. Awwh, you look so cute in this yukata! Nice purchase ^^

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  2. aww you're so pretty!

  3. Ich bin froh das das Paket endlich da ist^^
    Du siehst soooo hübsch aus <3

    Dieses Jahr wird das Wetter auf dem Japantag perfekt sein, keine gut wie wir beide aussehen werden ;3

  4. Oh, my.
    Sorry about the product confusion, your shoping agent should've checked that before sending the things to you.

    Still, even though the yukata is long, you look very cute in it!

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  5. It is normal for a yukata to be too long, you are not wearing it right, you have to adjust it to your height.
    Here is a good tutorial to know how to wear it :

    1. Thanks, I noticed it, too. Need to have a closer look at the tutorial video they'd sent with the Yukata

  6. Toll. *_* Er steht dir wirklich super und du wirst toll aussehen zum Japantag. ^^

  7. Ah I just came by to say that you're wearing it wrong and that's why it's too long but I see somebody has already done that. It will probably take a little bit of practice to figure out how to wear it correctly. Good luck! It's a very pretty yukata! I love all the colors.

    1. Oh yes, I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it correctly. XD