Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Cosplays - 9th - Pikachu of Pokemon

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

just want to keep the "My Cosplays"-series alive so here comes my 9th Cosplay: Pikachu.
It is a really simple and modest Cosplay which has been created within 2 hours. So it isn't a Cosplay of which I am really proud at XD

Pikachu Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.:9
Created in: 2012
Costs: about 15€
Hours to make: 2h
Weared at: Pokemon Days 2012, Gamescom 2013

Why do I wanted to cosplay Pikachu?
Time had come to do another Pokemon Cosplay. My secret aim is to create/to have each year a new Pokemon Cosplay and so Pikachu was my Pokemon Cosplay for 2014. ^__^

Any unforgettable experiences ?
Gamescom: As being Pikachu you're everybody's darling. I heard "Pikachu!", "Ah, look a Pikachu!", "Pikachu, I choose you!", "I love you, Pikachu" and so on about a billion times that day.

Pikachu is making plans... to conquer the world..


  1. Du bist das süßeste Pikachu das es gibt ^x^
    Und dein treues Pichu hilft dir natürlich gerne bei der Welteroberung ;3
    Kussi ~