Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hello my nyappy mauw-mauws, o(≧∀≦)o

all good things come in threes: Last friday I went to An Cafe's concert in Essen. I've seen them twice before (2009 in Cologne and 2012 in Dortmund) and the concert was gorgeous again.
I was so busy in the week before the concert and so it came that I had to assemble my outfit quite impulsively. >__>
In front of the concert hall then, Kuraude, Don and I met up with PrincessTenko.

Kuraude, I and PrincessTenko <3
One thing which was a bit strange was that some "fans" tried to hand out leaflet with numbers which should arrange who could enter the concert hall first. What a mix-up. It was pretty chaotic and besides this was nothing official arranged by the promoter so most of us other fans ignored them. X'D
The concert started at 7.30h pm and we were pretty lucky because we stood in the 3rd-5th row. During the beginning of the concert we stood nearby Kanon but with time we were pushed more towards Miku. Poor Miku, he had some health problems and so I read that he didn't attended the VIP Meeting which was a few hours before the concert started but luckily he could recover and he and his mates did a great gig that evening, even though poor Miku looked a bit pale. I have a lot of respect for Miku's performance!

(C) An Cafe - Can you spot me? Im screaming like Im going to die XD

Besides their newer singles "Itai Onna" and "ROMAN - Lets make precious love" they played also some classics like "Tekesuta Kousen" and also "Cherry Saku Yuuki" and as bonus "My Heart Leaps for C". Time flew like nothing during the concert and An Cafe promised to come back again - and I will be there again, too! NYAPPY!!!


  1. Hey das sieht echt nach ner Menge Fun an- das 2te Foto ist echt mal mega cool ^^
    Da freu ich mich schon richtig auf das Konzert von ihnen das ich am kommenden Samstag besuchen werde ^^

    1. Na dann wünsch ich dir gaaaanz viel Spaß! Das Konzert wird sicher klasse, die Jungs sind Live einfach AWESOME!!!

  2. Ja das Konzert hat mega Spaß gemacht und man kann auch nur Respekt vor Miku haben das er auf die Bühne gekommen ist und so gut war dafür das es ihm net gut ging :)))

  3. I guess you had sooo great time!
    I'm going to see their concert in Budapest tomorrow! I can't wait : )
    btw. you and your friends look really sweet!

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  4. Yay~ \(^O^)/ Es war so unglaublich toll!!! o(≧∀≦)o vlg~<3

  5. Schön gesagt...Alle guten Dinge sind drei ;3 (Hoffentlich werden das noch viele vieeel eKonzerte ^x^)

    Du und PrincessTenko ihr saht so süß und funkelt aus <3 Ich fand das Konzert aus meha Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o
    Bin auch froh das es Miku wieder so weit gut ging das er auftretten konnte^^

    Der Tag war zwar etwas stressig....aber ich bin so froh ihn mit dir, Don und PrincessTenko verbracht zu haben <3
    Kussi <3