Tuesday, February 4, 2014

12th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

yeahh~ it was Lolita Meet-Up time again! Last saturday the 12th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place. Of course, the rain was our friend again but we didn't let that drag us down. Besides that, I was delighted to see some new faces attending to our Meet-Up.

We first went into the Aachener Dom (Aachen Cathredal). The Aachen Cathredal and it's treasure chamber was in 1978 one of the first 12 items who make the entry into the "UNESCO World Heritage List" as the first german historical ensemble.

Entry is for free but you need to pay 1€ in order to be allowed taking photos. It is a bit tricky to take photos because it is a bit darkish inside.

PrincessTenko, Kuraude and me
After we had finished inspecting the Cathredale, we went over to the Aachener Domschatzkammer (Aachen Cathredal treasury) which is more or less next to the Cathredale. Here we had to pay admission fee (~3,80€) - but it's worth. Altough I was born in Aachen I had never seen the Schatzkammer/treasure chamber before so I was kinda exciting about the museum. The museums shows on an area about 600m² over a hundred artworks divided in five thematic groups:

We caused much attention here again and an employee of the treasury was probably one of our biggest fans that day:

He seems really impressed by us and informed us about an upcoming project and asked us whether he could stay in contact with us. We'll see what happens in the future.

the coronation mantle

Towards 3:00pm we hit the road towards Cuperella Cafe but made a stop to took another group photo in front of the Aachener Rathaus:

I was really hungry, but Im happy that we did a stop to take another group photo because outside, with that natural lightning, is was so much better taking photos than inside the cathredal. Thereafter, we finally reached the Cuperella:

I ordered my favourite Cupcake with Orea biscuit <3 such pure love~

Hello Kitty, of course, joined the Meet-Up, too.
Once we were all seated, we chatted a lot and enjoyed our Cupcakes - incredible, how happy you can be when you're pretty hungry and you satisfy hunger finally.
A bit later, another Lolita still joined our Meet-Up and we all were deep in conversations. Around 5:30pm we went back to central station and then splitted up. I, once again, enjoyed the Meet-Up and for me personally it was one of our best we had in Aachen so far. Thank you all for joining the Meet-Up and Im looking forward to see you again next time.
And now, in the meantime, I have to think about places we can visit during future Meet-Ups....


  1. Ich will mit dir auch mal ins Cuperella...war da immer noch nicht-.- Ich glaube ich war mal bei einem Klassenausflug in der Schatzkammer xD

  2. What a nice cafe! *___* When I visit Aachen I will totally go there! I'd also love to meet up with you, if you're interested. :3 I'd come as gothic lolita. ♥

    1. That would be great! So if you should plan to visit Aachen please let me know and we meet-up! ^o^

  3. Der zweite Versuch eines Kommentares folgt hiermit xD

    Ihr seht so hübsch aus! Die Bilder ...mit denen ich ab und an zugespammt werde, falls wir uns unmittelbar nach so einem meetup treffen... geben mir recht :D

    Und ich fands super cool, dass wir uns am Anfang eures meetups am Hauptbahnhof getroffen haben (\^-^/)

  4. Ich fand das treffen auch mega schön <3
    Nur das Wetter hätte etwas freundlich zu uns sein können ;D

    Die Bilder sind super.....hahaha vorallem das eine wo ich hoch gucke ^^"