Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lolita-Clique Meet-Up in January 2014

Hi my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday I met up with my Lolita besties in Düsseldorf. This time, Don, Kuraude and I even found a parking place in time - well, actually we didn't found any parking place for free and considering that we're running out of time again, we decided to park in the parking ramp next to the main-train station and it was "wow, so low priced.. NOT" .. we payed 11€ for the ticket in the end, but it's nevertheless more favourable (and way more comfortable) to travel by car to Düsseldorf than by train.
Our first stop we madea atKiku Sushi Restaurant Düsseldorf:

Unfortunately I didn't took a photo of my menu this time but because I ordered the same menu like last time I thought it wouldn't mind to show the photo I took in december:

Like last time, we couldn't stop Don paying for our menus He is a true gentleman.

Next we went to Takagi's Book Store and to the japanese supermarket and in both we stocked ourselves up with japanese goods. Before we took a seat at Bakery Taka we took a few photos:

Top: DreamV, rest: Bodyline

cute PrincessTenko in some more dark colours but it suits her also amazing <3

sweet Kuraude is pretty in red <3

Fraeulein_Elisabeth - our dark beauty <3

and the best boyfriend in the whole big big world: Don!

*cuddle**cuddle* ~warm me!

Eventhough I felt cold I had to kid around again, .. I guess I will never grow up:

While seeing through those photos we took that day I startedto realize that I ACTUALLY really ruined this great photo scene of Kuraude and PrincessTenko forming a HEART.. >__>6 hope they doesn't mind.. sorry ladies.. 

Fraeulein_Elisabeth also catched the scene with her new camera.

Because it was getting colder (scandalous, despite the fact we got January XD) we went then to our last station for that day: Bakery Taka. There we allowed ourselves some biscuits and gazed our purchases.

Thank you for the great day, ladies AND Don. Looking forward to our next meeting. It's really fun spending time with all of you and slow but steady all of you become more and more dear to my heart. o(=^O^=)o


  1. The gif is sooo cute! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ All of you look so cute! Amazing outfits!

  2. Das bewegte Bild ist echt Geil...:D

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  4. Das Gif ist echt zum Schießen :D

  5. Awwwwww Usai du bist so süß und so ein Schatz <3
    Hast alles perfekt beschrieben.......Ich fand den Tag auch super schön.....Grade weil wir 4 uns so selten sehen ist es so besonders -^x^-

    Hihi kann Josie nur recht geben.....ich liebe das "bewegte" Bild xD
    Und das letzte Bild find eich auch total schön ^♥^

  6. Sehr schöner Eintrag *^-^* das gif ist SO geil ! 8D ich liebe es x`D mach weiter so mit dem rumalbern d(^O^)b vlg~<3

  7. Hehehe XDDD die Animation ist ja voll lustig gemacht!
    Ihr seht alle echt süß aus >__<
    Und das Sushi leckerrrr ^^

  8. Du bist alles sehr shoen~ :D
    (Finally got to put by German skills to the test, haha.)