Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lolita-Clique Meet-Up in January 2014

Hi my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday I met up with my Lolita besties in Düsseldorf. This time, Don, Kuraude and I even found a parking place in time - well, actually we didn't found any parking place for free and considering that we're running out of time again, we decided to park in the parking ramp next to the main-train station and it was "wow, so low priced.. NOT" .. we payed 11€ for the ticket in the end, but it's nevertheless more favourable (and way more comfortable) to travel by car to Düsseldorf than by train.
Our first stop we madea atKiku Sushi Restaurant Düsseldorf:

Unfortunately I didn't took a photo of my menu this time but because I ordered the same menu like last time I thought it wouldn't mind to show the photo I took in december:

Like last time, we couldn't stop Don paying for our menus He is a true gentleman.

Next we went to Takagi's Book Store and to the japanese supermarket and in both we stocked ourselves up with japanese goods. Before we took a seat at Bakery Taka we took a few photos:

Top: DreamV, rest: Bodyline

cute PrincessTenko in some more dark colours but it suits her also amazing <3

sweet Kuraude is pretty in red <3

Fraeulein_Elisabeth - our dark beauty <3

and the best boyfriend in the whole big big world: Don!

*cuddle**cuddle* ~warm me!

Eventhough I felt cold I had to kid around again, .. I guess I will never grow up:

While seeing through those photos we took that day I startedto realize that I ACTUALLY really ruined this great photo scene of Kuraude and PrincessTenko forming a HEART.. >__>6 hope they doesn't mind.. sorry ladies.. 

Fraeulein_Elisabeth also catched the scene with her new camera.

Because it was getting colder (scandalous, despite the fact we got January XD) we went then to our last station for that day: Bakery Taka. There we allowed ourselves some biscuits and gazed our purchases.

Thank you for the great day, ladies AND Don. Looking forward to our next meeting. It's really fun spending time with all of you and slow but steady all of you become more and more dear to my heart. o(=^O^=)o

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And the next one, please: Carli's surgery

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

..I do not want to sound pessimistic, but by now 2014 seems to be a less good year. Not even a month ago, Vanilla had to be in surgery for the second time and now just last tuesday I spotted that Carli got a lump, too! I instantly called my vet for an appointment and went there on thursday. The lump is well operable, you can sway the lump very easily. On monday (01-20-2013) then Carli went in surgery.

Carli, we often call her also "Carlelou" XD

My vet told me that the lump was a benign tumour and looked like a "smartie". She also told me that she and her assistant "talked insistently" to Carli as she was in narcosis that she really should not gnaw the stitches afterwards. X'D Surpringsingly, Carli hasn't gnawed by now. ~^O^
Although the wound does look bad, Carli is doing very well and she has a great appetite. 

poor Carli but she is really doing great (click to enlarge the photo)

Like Vanilla and Luma also, Carli needed to move to a separate cage. I always feel really sorry for them when I have to set them alone in a cage, rats are pack animals, they like to care for another and like to cuddle. But Carli.. it does not bother her that much, she seems happy to have her repose and to have all the food just for herself. Tomorrow I will give Carli a run with her mates - I hope she will enjoy the company, but to be honest I think that she will probably go to her favourite spot after greeting the others for like two minutes and then making a nap there like she usually does.

sleepy santa
I hope I can enjoy watching Carli sleeping during their run still a many times. <3
(It's fun "decorating" Carli while she is asleep X'D)

Eventhough I have had pet rats since my childhood and knowing about their typical diseases, I am nevertheless pretty churned up and sad when I detect a lump and it needs to be removed by surgery. Tumors are the most common health problem for especially female rats along respiratory infects. It is terrible. It simply seems not fair that those smart, lovely and cute pet rats only got a life span of about 2 years and that they have to suffer a lot... p___q
But, at the end of the day, it is all worth. Each single Euro (I had a pretty expensive last "rat-care-year") and nerv (integration, surgeries..) they may cost. Rats provide love to you and enrich your home like no other rodent can do. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lil Photo-Shooting with Skullina

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

actually I thought I would have a pretty lazy January weekend. No schemes, no appointments were foreseen. Last friday then I chatted with my sis Skullina and she told me that she is greatly interested in photography. After having several photo shootings herself as a model she now wanted to improve her skills as photographer and in photoshopping and asked me if I could be her model. I agreed and we met up next day.

Skullina did my whole make-up and hair and actually we planned to do two sessions: The first photo session in Lolita-Fashion and the second should be in more brighter and trendy Oshare Kei/Decora/Japanese Street Fashion style. Against the weather report, it started raining right at the beginning of our first photo session and it was getting worser and worser. In the end we were totally soaked with rain and went to Skullina's place again. What a shame.  I felt sad and "pissed".

Despite the difficult weather conditions, we had in the end a few great photos which I want to show you here below:

I am really looking forward to a next photo shooting with hopefully more brighter weather. We both also plan to stand together in front of the camera  and we are already have the one or other idea/topic for such shootings. ^__^

Such photo shootings are really refreshing in those colourless and darker days of the year. ^O^

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas presents 2013

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

christmas - a time full of presents and sweets and freetime! ^O^
I hope you all enjoyed the christmas days with your besties. This time I once again received a lot of great presents, for example:

Mochi: Pinkie Pie, Axew, 1xChobits DVD, High Battery for Nintendo 3DS
Kuraude: Audrey Hepburn calender, 1xChobits DVD, "Im Bad mit Hinako"-DVD, Hello Kitty Shampoo

from Skullina & Serpentis

Gia: Rhythm Thief
Skullina & Serpentis: Bravely Default

from my mum

also from my mum

from my aunt Elke, she really surpassed herself *__*

from my mum

from Don

Don: Panda chain
mum: Hello Kitty Button
Skullina & Serpentis: Hair accessory

Skullina & Serpentis

from my mum

Skullina: lil mug
from my colleague: mug at the right

A Hello Kitty photo album from my mum
Moreover I received f. e. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's album "PamyuRevolution" from Don and a Super Mario keychain from Gia and a lots of sweets from my parents - I will not die of hunger fot the next 10 years!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014 & Review of my 2013

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

May 2014 will be a year full of strength, love and happiness!

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve!
Personally, Im not a big fan of New Years Eve Parties. I spend new years eve with some of my friends, we just met up, chatted a lot , played videogames and well, had just a pretty nice day/evening/night.

Mochi, me, Gia and Don

Actually, Im not that kind of person who makes resolutions for the new year, because I do not think that everything will change just because the calendar year will change. But, currently Im in a bit more pensive mood, I speculate about how my life should go on and what kind of things are really important to me. We all know: We only live once - and this time should be special and great!
The reason I am probably in a bit more contemplative mood is that I have been really, really disappointed during the last months of 2013. I guess, I never have been that disappointed im my life yet and I never felt that punked. I was quite naivity because I thought that there is something like equality. Well, as a sequel, I have also took a decision. I don't want to write any details down (yet) all I want to say is that Im really grateful for having true friends and also family which supports me getting through such a time of (big) changes.
And so I got to the point were I thought that I should record some of my new years resolutions 2014:

- be less lazy
- improve my japanese skills (luckily I can start studying japanese in classes again soon)
- improve my sewing and tailor skills
- take more care of my body / my look and health (Im a really lazy person and should may do some fitness stuff to stay more fit)
- be more balanced, trying to keep in mind even more often how precious life is and that I am really lucky person
- be braver and more decivise
- save money for Japan o(^o^)o

Besides this issue I described further up this entry, 2013 was probably the best year in my life yet. After all this years I fulfilled my dearest wish: Visit Japan. And anyway, I have had made so many experiences although there were also dark periods:

- The (doomsday) baby rats growed up and found a lovely home
- My pet rat Luma got a benign tumour at the age of only 6 months - but everything went fine! Moreover, I had to go to the vet several times because Luma has mycoplasmosis.
- Because my former car (Ford Ka, nickname: NyandesKa) didn't get the TüV and was near a complete collapse, I was in need to buy a new car and found luckily my blue Toyoto Aygo ("Nyaygo") and I love it.
Mochi and I were part of a "documentary" which has been also shown on german TV in autumn.
- my hamster Sugar Teddiursa passed away on a sudden in April
- My mum and I went to London for two days. For my mum it was the first time to travel by an airplane.
- Our Lolita Meet-Up series "Aix-La-Chapelle" has been well etablished
- I went to a lot of Conventions and events, f. e. Connichi and Japantag.
- My biggest dream came true: My besties and I went to Japan!
- Don and I went to Vienna and I had even the chance to be part of Innocent World 1st Tea Party in europe!
- Vanilla had to be in surgery due to benign tumors: For the first time in November and only about 6 weeks later again in December. Luckily both surgeries went fine and Vanilla is doing great! =)

Once again I regonize that time really flies. Sometimes it scares me. But this won't let me stop to think about the future - I am really excited about 2014 and looking reliantly forward to my future.