Monday, December 16, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Deers of Nara & Kōfuku-ji

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

a pretty long time (or better: years) ago, Kuraude sent me a video link. "Usai, you have to watch this! There are deers everywhere in Nara and they're tame!". I did not heared of such tame deers in Nara before and to be honest I thought that Kuraude is probably overboarding with such "tame deers" but the video made me kinda speechless. Kuraude was perfectly right. From that point I decided that, if I should ever travel to Japan, I want to see those damn great deers!!!

During our vacation in Japan we decided to make a stop in Nara as we were on passage from Osaka to Kyoto. Our navigation system routed us without any detours or mistakes directly to Nara en (Nara Park). We saw the park but we first had to look for a parking area. Short time after we found a parking area although we four weren't dead certain that we can leave our car there, of which more later. That day was really, really hot and we, as mid-european people, are just not that used to such a (humid) heat, so I started complaining that it would take us probably half an hour til we would see the first deer if we would see any deer at all. Mochi and Don were stressed out and told me to stop bitchin' around - and they were so damn right by doing that - as we spotted a deer crossing the street by using the crosswalk (Like A Boss 8-) ). We were stunned and thrilled. Deers! Deers! They are right here!

Deer: "Pff, tourists again.."

Kuraude and Mochi bought several packages of deer-crackers (Shika-senbei) to feed the deers. One "package" of 10 crackers costed 350 Yen.  

Kuraudes popularity was increasing a lot while she stood at the lil cracker store. X'D
they just can't get enough!

Kuraude totally surrounded by deers

After feeding the deers we spotted a pagoda and decided that we should walk in this direction. It turns out that we spotted the pagoda at Kōfuku-ji. Kōfuku-ji is a buddhist temple and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the area of Kōfuku-ji we have seen f. e. the following buildings:

Hokuendō - one of the three golden halls
close up - Hokuendō
The whole area was quite impressing - from one moment to another we "entered" old japan in a way. So this was quite a nice surprise that we came across this area. ^___^

Then the time had come to drive on to Kyoto. When arriving at our car we noticed that we had a sort of sheet on the front window. Was it a traffic ticket? We didn't know it - the ticket, was of course, written in japanese, or better in Kanji letters. Moreover, four pylons stood around our car. We were confused. Seems like we did something wrong and so we looked around if we could see someone who could may help us solving this issue. After a few seconds only then a japanese guy came to us. We do not understood a single word  he was actually talking about but we got that we shouldn't left our car at this place and so we had to pay around 700 Yen. Mercifully, the japanese people are such friendly guys and so it wasn't such a big deal at all. ^__^6


  1. So tolle Bilder *__*

    Did you already noticed my giveaway?

  2. Ich liebe Einträge zu unserer Reise ... und wunder mich, dass immer noch neue davon kommen XD

    Auf dem zweiten Bild fehlt die für Tiere typische Gedankenblase: "Hast du Essen?! D:"

  3. So cool. >o< Ich will sie auch füttern! Aber ich glaube, ich hätte auch Angst. xD Ich hab ja schon vor Ziegen auf der Streichelwiese Angst. xD