Monday, December 23, 2013

Cologne Christmas Market

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

do you remember Yui, the young japanese woman Don and I had met in Vienna?
She is currently still on her big europe trip and after visiting Vienna she went first towards south and thereafter to Belgium and the Netherlands. Since our meeting in Vienna we kept in touch via email and on December 13th, she arrived in Cologne and we met up at central station to visit the christmas market together.

It was pretty cold that day, colder than I expected but we were nevertheless pretty lucky with the weather (NO RAIN! ^o^). After Yui stored her luggage at the central station we went to the christmas market. Cologne offers in total 7(!) different christmas markets - Yui and I went to the christmas market which is next to Cologne Cathredale (Kölner Dom).

Yui and me with Santa Claus

honey candles - they always remind me of my childhood

Yui in front of the christmas market stage and the cathredale

After we trudged round all the wooden pavilions we went inside the Cologne Cathredale. Inside the cathredale it turns out to be a bit more warm but it was still freezy.

Although I am living nearby Cologne, I must admit that I do not visit Cologen that often - I don't know why - maybe it's because Duesseldorf seems far more attractive due to its japanese hot spots. Well, back to topic, next we wanted to drink a cup of Glühwein but we wanted to do this inside because we felt pretty frozen now. We thought that wouldn't be such a tricky deal but we had to look for a cafe which offer Glühwein for a way longer time than we actually thought. I was delighted as we finally had a seat in a cafe nearby and could enjoy a hot Glühwein. <33 We chatted a lot about anything and everything as we then "suddenly" noticed that it was already getting dark.

lucky (tired) Usai and Yui with Glühwein
Before Yui had to leave to meet-up with her host, we went to the christmas market again to enjoy all the lights. A christmas market simply is more beautiful when it is already dark, don't you think?

Yui, thank you very much for the great day in Cologne. Im glad that I had the chance to get to know you. Enjoy your remaining journey through europe. ^__^

And to all of you: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Enjoy the christmas days with your family, friends & besties! <3


  1. Schön und gutes Wetter gehabt...toll ♥

  2. Toll, dass ihr euch noch mal mit Yui treffen konntet. :3
    Ein schönes Weihnachtsfest wünsch ich dir! ^w^