Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - "Icon" of Shibuya & Nanda Collection - Re"listen" (Review)

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I know I didn't wrote that much about her by now, but I am really a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her music. It all began at the beginning of the year and since then I started listening to her music daily. It's amazing how her "career" moved that forward. Before 2011, Kyary was a fashion blogger and then formerly known as a model, she did jobs for magazines like Kera and had an affection for fake eyelashes. She even produced a line of fake eyelashes which is called "Harajuku Doll". In summer 2011 she released her 1st single "PonPonPon" which was surprisingly a viral hit and Kyary and Nakata-san decided to start a more "serious" collaboration.

Via Facebook & Co. I've seen that Kyary must be really a big hit in Japan and I was wondering how big she actually is and I should get my answer right during our first hours in Japan: After leaving Shibuya station Kyary's song "Ninjya Re Bang Bang" "thudded" us from one of the big screens at "Shibuya crossing". During our way straight to our hotel "Shibuya Tobu", in which we spent our first nights in Tokyo, we passed a KFC-store with big posters of Kyary, she promoted their "Krusher's".

Being in Japan I do not wanted to miss the chance to visit the "Tower Records"-store to buy her newest album "Nanda Collection". When in Shibuya you can't miss the Tower Records-store because it's a pretty high building. Inside the building, Ms. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu greets the visitors once again:

Kyary did some advertising for Tower Records during their summer sale and so I even got a bag and a bonus card with in Kyary-design. Staying in Tokyo you do not have a chance to escape her. But let's come back to her newest album.

Nanda Collection
1. Nanda Collection
2. Ninjya Re Bang Bang
3. Kimi Ni 100 Percento
4. Super Scooter Happy
5. Invader Invader
6. Mi
7. Fashion Monster
8. Saigo No Ice Cream
9. Noriko to Norio
10. Furisodeshon
11. Kura Kura
12. Otona Na Kodomo

Nanda Collection is Kyary's 2nd studio album. It's full of J-Pop, kawaii-ness and sythesizer sounds - or in other words: typically Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Her music isn't for everybody - I think, that a lot of people do not like her pitched voice and that her music is to jumbled. If you're looking for deeper meanings and messages in her songs.. well, I guess you wouldn't find that much but her music is very entertaining and catchy - it helps me to forget a stressful day and problems, I just enjoy myself listen to her music and sing along (only when Im word-perfect X'D). Listen to her music makes me smile and sometimes a smile is all I need.
"Ninjya Re Bang Bang" is probably the protuding track on her album and, for me, even greater than "PonPonPon". "Mi" is as simple as great - its such a catchy song which makes you smile and sing along (the lyrics are REALLY difficult, it goes like "Mimimimimimi" .. but to be honest Im not sure bout it D:). "Saigo No Ice Cream" got a special 80s-flair and is the most underestimated song on this album - it should deserve way more attention and love. One more song which I would like to recommend you is "Invader Invader", which was also her last single from this album. I really like/love all songs of her album, but if I had to choose which one I like at least I would say "Super Scooter Happy". Its a cute and catchy song.. but sometimes its just a bit annoying. X'D

If you like Kyary's music please support her by buying her music. Nanda Collection provides every Kyary fan with 100% Kyary-ness and is the prove that Kyary isn't just a 1-Hit-Wonder or a musician who only produces great singles. She (or better Nakata-san) can do both.

I really hope that she will come to europe soon. She confirmed going on tour in europe but by now no places and dates were confirmed. I want to visit a concert so badly and hope that she will do a concert close by my hometown. ^___^


  1. She looks like a japanese version of Lady Gaga ;)

  2. Ich hab bisher erst einen Song von ihr gehört (und weiß noch nicht mal mehr, wie er heißt xD"). Werd mir jetzt aber mal ein paar Songs von diesem Album anhören. ^^