Thursday, November 21, 2013

TV-Roadmovie "In Deutschland um die Welt - Japan"

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

back then in spring 2013, the press spokeswoman of "Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft" (german cosplay open) contacted me. She'd received an inquiry of a production company for a new series and they were looking for a local Cosplayer. She attached the mail of the production company and because I had the impression that this inquiry sounded reliable I contacted the production company.

After having several telephone conversations I agreed in taking part of this production. I decided to wear my Princess Peach Cosplay because Peach is probably the most known character even for people who aren't part of the Manga/Game/Cosplay-scene. Mochi could also join the shooting date as supporting act and he weared his Luigi Cosplay. =)

(c) Deutschland um die Welt /

The series is a 6-episode long so called "Roadmovie" and should show the variety of people from foreign countries living in germany. The Roadmovie has been broadcasted on german television channel "EinsPlus" weekly during autumn, the japan-episode has been broadcasted already mid october (I just forgot to write about it ~ haha X'D). Maids of the german Maid-Cafe Lucky Chocolate makeing also an appearance. ^__^ Those girls are so lovely! ^__^ Well, Pierre's sense of humour is arguable but so he is. I personally think that you shouldn't take this series to seriously - it should be mainly entertaining and for me it was a nice and interesting experience.

It's weird to see oneself on television and my voice sounds so different (high).. well, I guess we all know that feeling. During the shooting I was (unfortunately) pretty excited and I guess everyone can see that =D


  1. Du hast echt eine niedliche Stimme *__*

  2. Echt cooles Interview^^
    Auch perfekt das Thema Cosplay erklärt....damit es wirklich jeder versteht ;3
    PS: Wie hat denn die Fanta Manga geschmeckt? xD