Friday, November 1, 2013

Pokemon X & Y Release Gaming & 24th Birthday Party & Presents

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

It's birthday party time! ^0^
Motto: Pokémon X & Y Release Gaming!
As you may now, the new Pokemon Editions X and Y have been released worldwide at October 12th, and I and all of my besties (except Don), are infected with the "Pokemon fever". <3
I guess you can imagine what we did most of the time? Correct, playing Pokemon! Pokemon X and Y are the best Pokemon Games I'd ever played and by now for me also probably one of the best games I'd ever played. Finally Nintendo had brought us 3D-graphics which we actually already expected for Diamond/Pearl, finally they make (more) use of the touchscreen-features, finally you can catch so many (old) different Pokemon from the beginning - I LOVE THIS GAME! <3

At 5:00pm the Pokemon Gaming Party started. Luckily I had for each attendee a Pokemon Accessoire. I dressed myself up as Axew - I really love the Kigurumi my sister Skullina made for me.

We just enjoyed ourselfes by playing the whole evening and even Don could keep hisself busy by playing various games on our XBOX360. ^__^
After we had some dinner together (Pizza Pizza Olé!) the best part of the evening began: Presents! <3
Let's start with the presents I got from Skullina and Serpentis:

Hello Kitty yam yam

Hello Kitty handkerchiefs, Hello Kitty bracelet and a Hello Kitty jewellery holder <3

Zelda Hyrule Historia <3
Then Mochi gave his presents to me:

Hello Kitty chopsticks

Hachiko - I love that movie

Android 18 (Dragon Ball) figure <3
I also got several Hello Kitty handkerchiefs from Mochi, too - Im forearmed for my next cold X'D. Next up was Kuraude:

Mega cute Hello Kitty storage box - my hairband/headbows found a new home therein. =)

Hello Kitty socks

Hello Kitty park disc <3

Hello Kitty sticker sheets

Disney's Mulan - I know this movie inside out and love it

Chobits Anime - Disc. No 3 <3
And last but not least I also received that day a present from Gia:

Super Mario styled coin bank

I guess we all had a great evening by playing Pokemon and relaxing. Thank you very much for your time and spending the day with me!

Before the Pokemon Release Gaming took place I already receive some presents from my parents and Don. My mum was that lovely again and had decorated our apartment door and kitchen for  Don and my homecoming from Vienna one day after my birthday:

Of course I had to unpack the presents of my parents immediately =D

Hello Kitty figures, 2x Hello Kitty Plushies and Hello Kitty car emblem

Hello Kitty scale - really cuuute

Hello Kitty salad servers

and one more Hello Kitty plushie

Hello Kitty shopping bag
I also got sweets and Pokemon Trading cards from my dad <3 AWESOMENESS
Don gave his presents to me already at my birthday in Vienna:

Hello Kitty hair accessories, Hello Kitty mobile phone sock and he gave me his iPhone4S - finally I am owning a real smartphone <3

Thanks to my besties I once again had a great birthday - by receiving such great presents and having such a great time with my besties getting older makes a lot of fun =)


  1. Geil geil geil, geile Geschenke! War ein echt sau schöner Abend!! <3

  2. Uh, die Geschenke. *_* C 18. <3
    Klingt echt nach ner tollen Party. :3