Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up & Friends Goes LaserTag!

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

our local Lolita group went to a pretty unusual place for a Lolita Meet-Up: LaserTag!
We agreed that we will dress in some more (Casual) Lolita and wow.. I did not thought that LaserTag would be that physically demanding. ^__^6 For me, it was the very first time. This time our boyfriends and best friends could join the Meet-Up, too. =)

I wish I could show you some great photos of our LaserTag rounds but I forgot to take my camera with me and it was too dark and foggy anyways so I think that the photos hadn't been that well in any case.
Luckily the holder of the LaserTag area takes a photo of each group playing:

My outfit for that day was actually:

As I wrote.. pretty casual..

We had to pay per person 14€ for two rounds (per round 20 minutes). We were divided in two groups and the main aim was as simple as entertaining: Shoot down the members of the rival group. =D
Unlike Paintball, LaserTag is harmless, you do not get hurt when you get shooted and you usually don't get dirty at all because you're playing inside in a pretty dark and foggy room.

LaserTag was quite fun.. but it was very exhausting and so I do not whether I would "play" it again.. you have to know that I am a real couch potatoe and hate sweating ='D


  1. Hihi schöner Eintrag^^
    Hat echt spaß gemahct und vorallem in Lolita ;P
    Kann jetzt gut verstehen warum Barney so verrückt danach ist ^^

  2. Ich fands auch super *-*

    Auch wenn deine Schleife mein Auge verdeckt D: D: D:

    (Ich sollte mich dafür bedanken, dass ich dabei sein durfte :/ )

    Danke, dass ihr noch ein paar Leute brauchtet ^___^ XDD

    1. Gut, dass du mich drauf hinweist - das bin ich ja gar nicht :'D

      Wie gesagt: Ich schieb die Schuld aufs unscharfe Bild XDD

  3. Ahh, wie geil. :D Das ist echt mal eine ungewöhnliche Aktivität für ein Lolita Meeting. Aber ich find's cool, würde das auch gerne mal machen. :3

  4. Irgendwie bereu ich es, dass ich zu faul war mitzukommen :D