Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna 2013

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

the 1st european Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna was a big hit. For me, it was the first "Tea Party" I could be part of and I even was that lucky to get a VIP-Ticket for the party. As being a VIP I had the advantage to visit the party one hour earlier.

It was also my very first time visiting Vienna and also Austria - a beautiful city! My boyfriend Don and I had the chance to see a lot of great buildings and meet great people - but I will write about our other days in Vienna in a separate post.

I was really excited about the tea party but unfortunately I still had to fight with a cold as the Tea Party took place p__q - But well nevertheless I enjoyed the Tea Party, it was great to see so many new faces.

photo made by Mefotografie (

Can you spot me? I am sitting in the front row (just look for some shiny red hair XD)

It was so great that Fujiwara-san, the founder and chief designer of Innocent World, and her staff had joined the Tea Party in person.

Fujiwara-san is such a modest and friendly person. <3

Besides a Fashion show with some brand new and never before shown Innocent World Dresses/JSK the "Question & Answer"-part with Fujiwara-san were my personal highlight of the tea party.

In reply of the question whether Fujiwara-san/Innocent World  would open a store in europe, Fujiwara-san told us that she has never thought about it beforehand but now she sees and recognize how enthusiastic we (european Lolitas) are and so she really wants to open an Innocent World store in europe! ^__^ All Lolitas were probably giddy with pleasure, we're cheering and applauding. <3

I guess we all had a great day and I have to thank the whole team - you did a great job! <3


  1. Dann bin ich mal auf die einzelnen Tage gespannt :D

    Ich find's immer noch super, dass du da einen neuen JAPANISCHEN Kontakt hergestellt hast :'D

  2. wow, that really sounds great! *__* I wish I was there, meh! >__< It would be SO wonderful if she opened a store in europe! ^__^

  3. Das scheint ja echt ein Erfolg gewesen zu sein. :3 Freut mich echt. Hoffentlich bekommt ihr einen Store in Europa. <3