Saturday, October 26, 2013

Donauturm and Tiergarten Schönbrunn Vienna Zoo

Hello my mega cute mauw-mauws,

because there is still much to tell and show please welcome the third and final post about our Vienna-trip.
Don and I visited Vienna from October, 11th - October, 14th and todays posts focus will be about our visit of the Donauturm on October, 11th and the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Vienna Zoo) which we'd visited on October, 14th.
I've also wrote about our other two days in Vienna here:
October, 12th: 1st european Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna
October, 13th: My 24th birthday in Vienna - Lolita Meet-Up, Schloss Schönbrunn, Coach Ride & Prater

October, 11th - Donauturm
As we took off to Vienna I still had a bad cold and I can tell you that it is really uncomfortable to travel by plane then. p___q I was delighted as we then finally arrived Vienna ^__^6. Don rented a car for our days in Vienna and we drove straight to out Hotel called "Pension Schönbrunn". It was pretty rainy that afternoon and so I didn't felt that bad that I overslept almost the whole afternoon in our hotel room. But because I did not wanted to let the day simply pass by, Don and I decided to visit the Donauturm during evening. At the 150m-high viewing terrace we enjoyed the view over Vienna:

I LOVE the Sissi-movies of the 50s


Vienna by night

Thereafter we had some very delicious dinner at Restaurant Chianti, which we run across in Vienna. So if you're looking for a good italian restaurant in Vienna I can warmly recommend you Chianti. <3

October, 14th - Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Vienna Zoo)
Our last day in Vienna already!
Tiergarten Schönbrunn ist the world's oldest zoo and animals from all continents make their home over an area of seventeen hectares there. Over 600 specifies find their home at Vienna Zoo, like f. e. giant panda, koala, elephants, lions, sea lions and penguins. Main reason for visit of the Zoo was that I wanted to see giant pandas in real. As we were in Japan (Crazy in Japan - Tag 15) this summer I planned to visit Ueno Zoo in Tokyo because of the giant pandas but it was really very hot and muggy that day so that we ended in seek refuge in our hotel rooms instead. :-/ So I was mad for seeing giant pandas now in Vienna! <3 But before seeing Panda's at the zoo I first get to know a pretty trustful squirrel which was fed by an older lady. The lady visits the zoo very often and she gave me also a few nuts so that I could also fed the squirrel. MEGA CUTE!!!


nom-nom-nom 2

That's it?! Aren't there any more nuts for me?!

After saying bye-bye to the squirrels we saw so many different animal, gosh, we made really so much photos and it was pretty difficult to decide which ones I should upload so here they are:

Lil' Panda - MEGA CUUUUTE²

The Giant Pandas at Vienna Zoo got a baby boy currently. <3 Unfortunately we did not saw Panda mother and her baby but Panda daddy (which we named "Mr. Panda") graced us with his presence:

Mr. Panda enjoying the day


tired Koala

Rhinocerua Iguana

sleep well, dear Capybara

sleep well², dear Mr. Panda
Vienna Zoo / Tiergarten Schönbrunn is the most beautiful zoo I'd ever seen so far and I can highly recommend a visit. <3

After leaving the zoo we met up with Yui, which we got to know the day before at Schloss Schönbrunn. We sat down in a cafe and chatted for about 2 hours and more. We really enjoyed chatting with her and I really looking forward to meet her again some time (see ya latest by 2015 in Japan X'D). ^O^  Yui is such a friendly, open-minded person. <3

with Don and Yui

Well, we chatted and chatted and then Don and I suddenly noticed that we should leave by now in order to get our flight back home. ^__^ Well, in the end we managed everything in time and at around 0:00am we finally arrived in Aachen - home sweet home! <3

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My 24th birthday - Schloss Schönbrunn, 50th Candy Day, Coach Ride and Prater

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

once again I had the chance to spend my birthday in a very special way. This may sound childish or even narcisstic but I LOVE celebrating my birthday, haha-- =D. Two years ago I spent my birthday in Helsinki, Finnland (South Finland Tour 2011) and last year I spent my birthday with my besties at the Frankfurter Book Fair (FBM 2012). Well, this year I could spent my birthday in Vienna, Austria. <3 Due to the fact that our hotel was nearby the famous and beautiful Schloss Schönbrunn, Don and I decided in beforehand to go there by my birthday to take some photos there and go then into the city for doing a coach ride. Someday I then spotted that the 50th Candy Day, a Lolita Meet-Up series from Frankfurt, Germany, actually, would take place at Schloss Schönbrunn at my birthday - what a nice fortuity. ^__^ So I decided to join this Meet-Up if only for a short time.

As we were still waiting for all Lolitas to arrive, Yumi Fujiwara and her assistant also joined the Meet-Up! What a great surprise! I simply had to ask for a photo with them ^=^


me in front of Schloss Schönbrunn

As our Lolita group was then finally complete we strolled around Schloss Schönbrunn and took also a great group picture

We then leaved the Meet-Up and headed towards the Gloriette. Thereby we passed the "Neptunbrunnen" and crested the "Schönbrunner Berg".

in front of the Neptunbrunnen


At the Gloriette we got to know Yui, a really friendly young japanese woman, who is currently travelling all over europe. We just had a short chat at Schloss Schönbrunn but we decided to meet each other again next day at a Cafe in Vienna. <3

me and Yui

After enjoying the beautiful view we went into Vienna's inner town to do a coach ride. We were really so happy with the weather that day and the coach ride was really great. We saw so many beautiful buildings <3 Vienna is really a beautiful city.

a gift of Kaiser Karl to Vienna

Towards evening (and after changing clothes) we also visited the Viennese Prater and let the day slowly past away...

I really had a great 24th birthday... <3

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna 2013

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

the 1st european Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna was a big hit. For me, it was the first "Tea Party" I could be part of and I even was that lucky to get a VIP-Ticket for the party. As being a VIP I had the advantage to visit the party one hour earlier.

It was also my very first time visiting Vienna and also Austria - a beautiful city! My boyfriend Don and I had the chance to see a lot of great buildings and meet great people - but I will write about our other days in Vienna in a separate post.

I was really excited about the tea party but unfortunately I still had to fight with a cold as the Tea Party took place p__q - But well nevertheless I enjoyed the Tea Party, it was great to see so many new faces.

photo made by Mefotografie (

Can you spot me? I am sitting in the front row (just look for some shiny red hair XD)

It was so great that Fujiwara-san, the founder and chief designer of Innocent World, and her staff had joined the Tea Party in person.

Fujiwara-san is such a modest and friendly person. <3

Besides a Fashion show with some brand new and never before shown Innocent World Dresses/JSK the "Question & Answer"-part with Fujiwara-san were my personal highlight of the tea party.

In reply of the question whether Fujiwara-san/Innocent World  would open a store in europe, Fujiwara-san told us that she has never thought about it beforehand but now she sees and recognize how enthusiastic we (european Lolitas) are and so she really wants to open an Innocent World store in europe! ^__^ All Lolitas were probably giddy with pleasure, we're cheering and applauding. <3

I guess we all had a great day and I have to thank the whole team - you did a great job! <3