Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pokémon Days 2013 - Oberhausen

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

Pokémon! <3
yesterday, my sister Skullina, my boyfriend Don and I went to Oberhausen to visit the Pokemon Days 2013. Nintendo hosts this Pokemon Days for years now and it's a great chance to download rare Pokémon and grab nice gimmicks. Moreover it's a great chance to stroll through the Centro, the biggest shopping-mall in North-Rhine-Westphalia. <3

For each Pokemon Day I try to wear a new Pokemon Cosplay and so I did this year:
Kibago / Axew / Milza Kigurumi <3

Isn't this Kigurumi just awesome? I love Axew so much! Skullina sewed this Kigurumi for me and it went out amazing as you can see *__*

Skullina weared her self-sewed Oshawott Kigurumi:
Mijumaru / Oshawott / Ottaro Kigurumi
Mega cute! <3

This years topic of the Pokemon Days was, of course, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

I already pre-orded Pokemon Y *__*

Don, as big Pokemon-Fan (NOT), just couldn't hide his pure gladness about our visit of the Pokemon Days X'D

This years Pokemon Day in Oberhausen was very well-attended, the queues of the several stations were you could receive some gimmicks were really that long that we decided to go into the Centro very early. Skullina and I both made finds, I bought this very cute hoodie jacket with bear-ears:

And well, that's it. A pretty short post I know but there isn't really more to tell. ^__^6
Thanks for reading anyways! <3

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Purchases

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

today I want to show you all my purchases I did during my stay in Japan. To be honest, I really restrained myself and didn't bought THAT much stuff but this will be nevertheless a HEAVY PICTURE post, so let's see:

click to enlarge me :3
Above you see all my purchases after we visited Harajuku's Takeshita Dori and Tower Records in Shibuya for the first time during the beginning of our Japan journey. Here I found luckily f. e. a cute bikini with skirt (bottom middle) and I felt in love with a little store named "Harajuku Smile Camp", here I'd bought the dress you can see at the bottom right for only 1000 Yen (summer sale!).

I'd bought this dress at Harajuku for only 500 Yen

This dress I'd bought also at Takeshita Dori. The bow which I attached here has been lost later that day in Osaka p____q

My ABSOLUTE fave drink during our journey: Qoo Apple Juice! <3
at Shibuya's Tower Records store I'd bought Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's newest album "NandaCollection"

some accessoires I'd bought in Tokyo

 This Lolita Outfit I'd bought almost completely in Japan:
Blouse: Angelic Pretty (~6000Yen (summer sale)) in Nagoya
JSK: Innocent World - Tsuchida Yutaka Rabbit & Squirrel (~24000Yen) in Harajuku, Tokyo
Overknees: Innocent World (~700Yen!!!) in Osaka
Shoes: Baby the stars shine bright (~10500Yen) in Osaka

Pokemon fan, Pikachu table lamp and a "construction"-set of Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard - all bought in Pokemon Center(s) in Japan

figures of Nymphia, Jirachi and Pikachu

and some more purchases I did at the Pokemon Centers <3 

The Android 18 and 16 figure costed only 100 Yen X'D

cute Pokemon bag - bought at Pokemon Center Tokyo

a Pokemon rice bowl (bought at a Pokemon Center) and a Hello Kitty cup (Sanrio Puroland)

Hello Kitty flip-flop's - bought at Isetan in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Hello Kitty Plushie in Sanrio Puroland design - bought at Sanrio Puroland

some more little things: Pokemon post cards, note paper and stickers and a note book, gift cards and Rilakkuma 

Hello Kitty waterball - bought at Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty travel equipment - bought at a 100Yen-Shop in Shibuya, Tokyo

a great Link figure (bought in Akihabara) and a figure of the Tokyo Tower (bought at Tokyo Tower)

Hello Kitty purse - bought at Sanrio Gallery in Osaka

Hello Kitty and Pokemon towels are really your friend when visiting Japan during summer ^___^

a big and cute Hello Kitty towel bought at Don Quijote in Suzuka

Hello Kitty headbow/hairband - bought at Sanrio Puroland

I LOVE socks! Kneehighs bought in Nagoya, socks are all bought at Takeshita Dori, Harajuku, Tokyo

Care Bears Hotpant (only 300Yen!) and Hello Kitty hoodie (only 800Yen!) bought at Don Quijote in Suzuka

Baby the stars shine bright Headbow "Ice Cream" - bought at Marui One, Shinjuku, Tokyo for only 1250Yen!

Cardigan bought at Harajuku Smile Camp for 1000Yen in Harajuku, Tokyo

Once again, the Btssb-shoes I#d bought in Osaka - I love them <3

My boyfriend gave this Usakumya as a gift to me. He bought Usakumya in Nagoya <3 I am really a lucky girl <3

Dragon Ball Z - Cola Zero <3

Pokemon T-Shirt - bought at Pokemon Center Yokohama


Shirt & Skirt bought from Harajuku Smile Camp, bought in Harajuku, Tokyo <3

Shirt: Btssb/Hello Kitty - bought at ClosetChild in Harajuku, Tokyo
Skirt: bought in Harajuku, Tokyo
And last but not least, I'd bought this Metamorphose JSK at ClosetChild in Harajuku, Tokyo <3
While writing this entry I noticed that I still missed some things (f. e. buttons and so on) but I think that I'd (hopefully) showed you the most important stuff <3

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Connichi 2013

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

never thought that I would be that busy that I won't be able to blog at least once a week! :-/
Well, anyways, I'll try to blog more regularly again. ^__^
Last weekend the Connichi took place. We'd (Don, Mochi, Kuraude and I) visited the Connichi for the 5th time this year already and we had again three great days. <3 The week before Connichi I was really busy because I still had to finish my Lillymon Cosplay. Best wishes to my mum who had supported me by creating the Cosplay (you're the best ;-*) and so I could still finish the Cosplay in time.

Day 1 - Friday:
Like every year, Kuraude and I wore Lolita-Fashion at Connichi friday:

Kuraude wore Baby the stars shine bright's "Swan Lake Print" and I wore Metamorphose's "Candy Star Rabbit". We both bought this JSKs in Harajuku, Japan.

As we were posing at the park we were asked by some other visitors for a lil photo session. The photos turned out great. Please visit his website:



After taking photos and strolling through the garden I could convince Kuraude and Don to visit the lil concert of Mr. Kubo and Mr. Toshihiro:

Mr. Kubo is a great Shamisen player and Mr. Toshihiro plays Taiko drums. I have to admit that I am a fan of Shamisen sounds. <3 The concert was really great, for me it was the highlight of the Connichi program.

Later that evening we met Yoko Rosedust & Co. and towards 8:00pm we decided to drive to our apartement to have some dinner.

Day 2 - Saturday:
Lillymon Time! <3
I was so excited to wear my brand new Lillymon Cosplay! <3 What a shame that the weather was really rainy that day and so we all did not really got the chance to took that great photos, but let's see:

Kuraude as Virgo from Fairytale.

Mochi wore a Gi and a Hakama

Don as Don
Lillymon =D

Don surpassed himself again and gave to me this cute and mega adorable special Hello Kitty Plushie  as a gift:

Hello Kitty sitting on a swan! *___* This plushie was released at Hello Kitty's 25th anniversary (which was already in 1999). It's in perfect condition and I really looooove it. My boyfriend is simply the best, Im such a lucky girl!!

But this Hello Kitty Plushie is not the only thing that I took with me back home from the Connichi. I bought also this Lightning action figure:

During this years Connichi I really wanted to see more of the program and so we decided to visit a Tea ceremony:

The ceremony were well-attended and we didn't had such a great sight at the ceremony in front of us.. but it was okay anyways. While waiting for this workshop we met some old "friends" of us, Lobby and Yuyu. It's great meeting them at least once a year for sure during the Connichi. =D

Due to the fact it was pretty rainy and cold that day we decided to drive back to our apartement during early evening and prepare tomorrow's departure.

Day 3 - Sunday:
Time goes by so fast! Sundays we all wore our Dragon Ball Cosplays!
After our first and by then only group cosplay (Super Mario) we finally managed it to create and wear a new group cosplay! It's always a lot of fun when we all four wearing cosplays of one and the same series ^O^
Even my boyfriend Don, who isn't actually that much into this Manga & Cosplay stuff, managed it to wear a new Cosplay. He cosplayed Muten Roshi:

Don as Muten Roshi - he was the most-photographed one of our group that day <3

 Mochi as Son Goku:


Kuraude as (nice / blue-haired) Lunch

mega kawaiiiiiiii ;-)

And I was her alter-ego - evil & blond-haired Lunch:

During the morning we met a nice guy who gave us some great ideas for photo scenes:

Lunch enjoys a midday nap as Muten Roshi senses his chance..

but all of a sudden Lunch had to sneeze..

..bad times for Muten Roshi!
After this photo session we strolled for the last time through the retailers room and enjoyed the rest of the day.


Don't mess with (evil) Lunch, baby! 

And last but not least one group photo of us (we also did some @Mangabox, Im really looking forward to see those photos very soon)

Looking forward to next years Connichi with hopefully more nice weather ;D