Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Nagoya Castle

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

before we had to leave Nagoya and drove towards Suzuka we decided to visit the Nagoya Castle (Nagoya-jo). Back then during the Edo-period Nagoya-jo was the center of one of the most important castle towns in Japan. Nowadays, the castle is famous for it's two golden Kinshachi (dolphins) which are also the symbol of Nagoya. Unfortunately most of the buildings were destroyed during the second world war but the castle and the other towers and houses were rebuilt beautifully.

Nagoya-jo is easily to access. You can park your car next to the castle, each 30 minutes costs 180 Yen. Nagoya-jo is amidst a beautiful park, you have to pay 500 Yen to enter the park and the Nagoya-jo also.

First, we decided to explore the green area. It was really hot-hot-hot that day, during the beginning of our visit of Nagoya-jo I had a queasy feeling and felt worse of wear.

Map of Nagoya-jo & Co.

This lil friends cause a perpetual noise in Japan

A look at modern Nagoya between old castle wall's

During our stay several former buildings and towers were still under REconstruction. One sort of "teahouse" were already completely rebuilded and so we had the chance to have a look inside. Before entering the house, we had to take off our shoes and had to stow our bags in lockers.

btw, a cheer for japanese air-conditioner systems! They really work well!

Thereafter we had a stop at a gift-store and then we went straight ahead Nagoya-jo (Donjon):

I really love such colorations
Nagoya-jo got in total 7 floors.

Don with the Landmark of Nagoya - Kinshachi (golden dolphin)

At the third floor an old castle town has been reproduced in the hall. Here we could experience a typical day and night of this old town with sounds and lightning effects:

Old castle town during "(mid)day"

Old castle town during "night" 
At the fourth floor some really impressive armors were shown like this one:

At the fifth floor some nice gimmicks were installed, like for example a rope were you could try to pull a stone

or you could take a photo with the famous Kinshachi

At the observation deck we enjoyed the view over Nagoya city

My resumé: When visiting Nagoya you really have to visit Nagoya-jo. This castle is probably the most impressive thing you can see in Nagoya. If I should ever visit Nagoya again I will also visit the castle and it's green area again. <3