Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gamescom 2013

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

it was Gamescom-time again last week and crystal clear that I visited europe's biggest game trade fair! This year Don, Kuraude and my sister Skullina and her boyfriend Serpentis joined me. ^O^
Kuraude, Skullina & I weared Pokemon Cosplay's that day ^__^
It was so great that my sister could join us - I am really enjoying her company!

My sister is wearing her selfmade Oshawott Kigurumi and I am wearing my Pikachu Cosplay

At saturdays, 8:00am we got on the way to the Gamescom. We arrived there at ~9:00am and went straightly to hall 9.1. were Nintendo and Square Enix had their booths. =)

WiiU Party

During the Gamescom I had the chance to play "Super Mario 3D Land" for the WiiU and "Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" for the Nintendo 3DS. Both are awesome games which I will buy instantly after they will be released. I also wanted to play Mario Kart 8 but.. the queue was sooo damn long and Im too impatient for standing in a queue for like hours.. ^__^6

me playing "Zelda: A Link Between The Worlds"

During the day we met Yoko Rosedust & Co. and together with Don and Kuraude we took the chance to make a great photo together at the Nintendo booth:

top-down: Yoko Rosedust, Kuraude, Don and me

We are actually lying on the floor and a camera took a photo of us from above. Great gimmick!

I also had the chance to see the presentation of Final Fantasy 13 - Lightning Returns. I REALLY NEED THIS GAME! Unfortunately my photos of the presentation didn't went out that well.. :-/

during a battle

Lightning wants to help a wounded Chocobo

Im a big fan of the Final Fantasy 13-series and so it came that I bought later on a big wallscroll of Final Fantasy 13-2 with Lightning on it:

Awesomeness <3

My resumee: Gamescom is great, but Im too impatient for all those queues. If I should visit the Gamescom again I will definitely wear a Cosplay again and spend most of the day by meeting other cosplayer's. =)


  1. aww, ich hab dich am Samstag gesehen :3

  2. Cooler Event,die wollen es ja Größer machen und längere Öffnungszeiten...sehr viele Besucher...werden jedes Jahr mehr :)

  3. Ich wäre auch so gern auf die Gamescom gegangen aber leider hatte ich keine Zeit T^T

    Ihr schaut so niedlich aus. Ich mag besonders das Bild vom Nintendo Stand ^^

  4. Süße Outfits. ^^ Ich hätte gern noch bessere Bilder davon gesehen, aber scheint ja echt Spaß gemacht zu haben ^^

  5. Lightning sieht aus wie ein gutaussehender Kerl *__* war cool auf der Gamescom

  6. cooler Eintrag für ein cooles Event^,^
    Bin echt froh das ich den Tag mit euch verbringen konnten ^x^
    Hab euch lieb <3

  7. Ich war noch nie auf der Gamescom und irgendwie würde ich zwar schon gerne mal hin, aber irgend etwas schreckt mich auch ab. Ich weiß auch nicht. xD

    Jedenfalls: Lightning. ♥ Ich muss endlich mal FF XIII-2 anfangen. <3

    Übrigens finde ich es voll toll, dass ihr in eurer "Clique" immer so viel zusammen unternehmt. :3 Echt niedlich.