Monday, August 12, 2013

Back home from Japan

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

I am back home from Japan. Time has gone fast in Japan and I really enjoyed every minute. I made a lot of experiences and I really want to tell and show you as much as I can about my journey. At first I was kinda unsure how I should structure my blog entries about my Japan journey because there is so much to tell and show you, starting with the japanese people, the food, fashion, shopping, cultural aspects and so on. I want my entries about my Japan journey also to be helpful for others, like I already mentioned in my last entry we had a few rude surprises during our first days in Japan and there were also still a few ones later on during our journey so I want to mention f. e. addresses and specific features also. I guess I will launch a sort of new "Series" here on my blog, like I have the "My Cosplays"-series and the "Hello Kitty Collection"-series already. So, please stay tuned I will write very soon the first Japan related entries. =) In the meantime I want to show you in advance a few more photos of our stay in Japan:

Meeting "Hirorocky", a friend of Kuraude in Tokyo

Nagoya Castle <3

Don at Suzuka Circuit

Angelic Pretty Shop in Osaka

I am wearing a completely new bought Lolita Outfit in front of Osaka Castle. I wore Lolita only once in Japan.. japanese summers are simply toooooo hot

Kuraude and the deers of Nara

Kinkaku-ji  - Kyoto

garden of Ginkaku-ji - Kyoto

our japanese styled hotel rooms during our 2nd stay in Tokyo and our beautiful view on Tokyo

giant nelumbo's at Ueno Park, Tokyo

Akihabara - Mochis shopping day.. and this photo shows only his purchases he did in the first store! X'D

Me and Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland <3 .. I LOVED THIS PLACE <3

If you have the chance, please visit Japan. The japanese are really friendly and helpful, eventhough they don't understand what you're actually talking bout (our japanese isn't that great and so is often the english of the japanese people also X'D) they're trying their best to assist you. <3
 Japan is a many-faceted country and won't disappoint you. I will never forget this journey and will visit Japan as soon as possible again (but during another season.. summer is really hot hot hot), there is so much to see there.. <3


  1. Japan is like a fairy tale.
    Beautiful scenery and colorful shopping malls.

  2. Ich fand schon die Einträge auf eurem gemeinsamen blog total toll, ich bin schon sehr auf deine gespannt. *__*

  3. Wow, that's a beautiful hotel room in Tokyo, may I ask where did you stay? ^^ I look forward to reading more about your trip!! :)

    1. We stayed at the Grand Arc Hanzomon in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. I can fully recommend this hotel and I guess we will stay there again next time ^__^

  4. Oh Mann, die Zeit ist echt schnell rum gegangen, oder? Als ich den Post gesehen habe, konnte ich gar nicht glauben, dass ihr schon wieder zurück seid. xDD

    Die Fotos sehen aber jetzt schon total super aus, echt. Da bekomm ich fast selber wieder Lust, nach Japan zu fliegen. Ich freu mich schon auf den Rest. <3