Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gamescom 2013

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

it was Gamescom-time again last week and crystal clear that I visited europe's biggest game trade fair! This year Don, Kuraude and my sister Skullina and her boyfriend Serpentis joined me. ^O^
Kuraude, Skullina & I weared Pokemon Cosplay's that day ^__^
It was so great that my sister could join us - I am really enjoying her company!

My sister is wearing her selfmade Oshawott Kigurumi and I am wearing my Pikachu Cosplay

At saturdays, 8:00am we got on the way to the Gamescom. We arrived there at ~9:00am and went straightly to hall 9.1. were Nintendo and Square Enix had their booths. =)

WiiU Party

During the Gamescom I had the chance to play "Super Mario 3D Land" for the WiiU and "Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" for the Nintendo 3DS. Both are awesome games which I will buy instantly after they will be released. I also wanted to play Mario Kart 8 but.. the queue was sooo damn long and Im too impatient for standing in a queue for like hours.. ^__^6

me playing "Zelda: A Link Between The Worlds"

During the day we met Yoko Rosedust & Co. and together with Don and Kuraude we took the chance to make a great photo together at the Nintendo booth:

top-down: Yoko Rosedust, Kuraude, Don and me

We are actually lying on the floor and a camera took a photo of us from above. Great gimmick!

I also had the chance to see the presentation of Final Fantasy 13 - Lightning Returns. I REALLY NEED THIS GAME! Unfortunately my photos of the presentation didn't went out that well.. :-/

during a battle

Lightning wants to help a wounded Chocobo

Im a big fan of the Final Fantasy 13-series and so it came that I bought later on a big wallscroll of Final Fantasy 13-2 with Lightning on it:

Awesomeness <3

My resumee: Gamescom is great, but Im too impatient for all those queues. If I should visit the Gamescom again I will definitely wear a Cosplay again and spend most of the day by meeting other cosplayer's. =)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Sanrio Puroland

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

here's the first part of my recently announced new series. This posts focus will be about our visit of the Sanrio Puroland, which if often also called and/or known as "Hello Kitty Town" or "Hello Kitty Land". ATTENTION HEAVY PICTURE POST!!
In particular, you can find in Japan two Sanrio / Hello Kitty - Themeparks: One is the Indoor-Themepark "Sanrio Puroland" nearby Tokyo in Tama which we visited during our stay and the second (and bigger) themepark is an outdoor one called "Harmonyland" which is in Kyushu.

Due to the fact that Puroland isn't located in central Tokyo we decided to drive by car. It took about 40 Minutes from Tokyo, Chiyoda-Ku, to Puroland.
I was really, really so excited to see the Themepark! <3

Puroland sells two different kind of tickets: The passport tickets and the admission tickets.
The admission ticket costs 3,000 Yen and allows you to enter the Puroland and to see free shows. The passport ticket costs 4,400 Yen and you can enter all attractions.
As I bought some Hello Kitty flip-flop's at Isetan in Shinjuku I discovered later that I received also a sort of  coupon for Sanrio Puroland. So it came that I had to pay only 2,000 Yen instead of 3,000 Yen for the admission ticket. YAAY~
We first decided to buy only the admission tickets but then we figured out that it would be better to have bought the passport tickets. Luckily, it is possible to upgrade the tickets inside Puroland. ^__^
The target audience of the Themepark Puroland are, of course, kids.

In the Foyer, a big Hello Kitty statue greets the visitors:

Before we went to the attractions we had a look at the area which is named "Festival Plaza". When entering we discovered that the Festival Plaza is a big Sanrio Store which sells some exclusive products:

I've bought the Hello Kitty Plushie. At the back of her suit the slogan "Sanrio Puroland" is printed. Those plushies are only sold at the themepark.

cute statues of Sanrio characters

After strolling through the Festival Plaza we visited some attractions and entered therefore the main area. Unlike the entry hall and the festival plaza the main area looked very Fairytale-like and not very pinkish:

Märchen Plaza =D

You could allso watch some free shows/musicals at the main hall

The main area during Puroland's main musical show "Believe"  ~ beautiful

The first attraction we visited then was the "Sanrio Character Boat Ride"
The "Sanrio Character Boat Ride" tells the story of (Hello) Kitty's wedding with Dear Daniel and during the Boat Ride you can watch Cinnamoroll and other friends how they prepare a lot of yummy stuff and how they set off to the wedding finally. You see the whole attraction while sitting in a cute boat:

We really loved how all those detailed are that well worked out. <3

Next, we went to "Lady Kitty House". Lady Kitty House is one of three brand new attractions Puroland offers. It is part of the new built place called "Hello Kitty Town".

Here you will be invited as a sort of "celebrity guest" and discover the world of Kitty room by room.

Lady Kitty House - Foyer

Kitty's care and beauty stuff

As you can see, at the last photo I am posing with a little japanese girl. While my friends and I took some photos of us at this cute attraction, a japanese mother was watching us and asked me thereafter if it would be okay when I would pose with her lil daughter together. The lil girl was quite shy but she seemed happy that I agreed. I don't know why, but I really had some really cute situations and conversations with japanese girl's / women in Japan. For wahtever reason they seem to like me. =D
In the next and last hall you had the chance to take a photo with Kitty herself. Her high majesty! X'D Of course we did.. and I bought the photo thereafter, too... this was the only thing which was quite a bit costly at Puroland X'D

Our next stop then was the attraction "Mymeroaddrive". Main character here is My Melody.
We had to wait for ~30 minutes before we could finally take a seat in a lovely My Melody "car":

During this ride tour you'll discover "MARILAND", the home of My Melody. To be honest, I have to say that we all were a lil disappointed of mymeroaddrive. We had to wait here for such a "long" time and the attraction was only.. good. I guess we expected too much. The Sanrio Character Boat Ride is much better than Mymeroaddrive but when visiting Puroland, you shouldn't miss a ride at Mymeroaddrive also.

It was getting already afternoon and we were getting pretty hungry and so we decided to have a meal. I personally bought some chips (potato) and my boyfriend bought some chicken nuggets:

cuteness in every detail <3
Mochi ordered a menu for first not such a favourable price, then afterwards as we wanted to bring the meal tray's back a staffmember told Mochi that he can keep the printed Hello Kitty plate where his meal was offered also. The plate is a special gift which were sold with the menu! What a great deal he made! <3
After having some chips I really wanted to have some dessert and so we went to the "Cinnamon Dream Cafe".

Cinnamon Dream Cafe
Here I bought some mousse au chocolat (which was actually declared as Cupcake ö_Ö). It was served in a cute Hello Kitty cup which I could keep also after finishing eating! ^__^

Now it was time to visit the third and last new attraction of Sanriotown: "Kiki & Lala - Twinkling Tour"

Home of Kiki & Lala
Before entering Kiki & Lala home you enter a smaller room in which the story of Kiki & Lala is told (Fortunately, the video got english subtitles). The Twinkling Tour of Kiki & Lala is very cute and you have to visit it during a stay at Puroland but the new best attraction is absolutely  "Lady Kitty House"! <3

During our stay we had another ride at the "Sanrio Character Boat Ride" and explored Puroland further more:

Awesome! I really need my car to be "pimped" like that <3

pink, rose, kitsch - pure love for me!
When you like/love Hello Kitty and/or other Sanrio characters you have to visit Sanrio Puroland when you're in Tokyo. It's like a wonderland and I love how there is cuteness in every detail! <3 The prices are really average and the Themepark should be also easily accessible by train/bus, too.
I will remember our stay at Puroland forever.. I am such a big Hello Kitty Fan and for me a lil dream came true! <3 When visiting Japan again I really would like to visit Puroland again.. or if I have the chance, "Harmonyland" in the south of Japan also!

Monday, August 19, 2013

9th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

two days ago, the already 9th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place. We visited the Stadtgarten in Aachen and had a picnic again.  I was still a bit tired.. after coming back home from Japan I had to go to work again and so I was really happy that the Meet-Up was pretty relaxed.

We chatted a lot this day. It's awesome to talk with people who are interested in Lolita-Fashion, Japan and more.. I am really blossom out during those conversations <3

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Fans among themselves ^__^

During the picnic my boyfriend Don joined us and did some great photos of us <3 :

Buschwindroeschen & Rainyyuki

Deadromance & Rainyyuki

PrincessTenko & Mero-chi

Kuraude & Phoenix

Me & PrincessTenko again

Kuraude and I

I really enjoyed the Meet-Up eventhough we sat on our picnic blankets and were just chatting most of the time. Im really so happy that the Meet-Up series here in Aachen has that stabilized. Thank you for spending such a relaxing day with me (and special thanks to Don ^O^) <3