Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 1st B*Day, Gabriel!

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

where has the time gone?
One year ago, at the 10th of July 2012, my lil nephew has come into the world (see: And suddenly I became an aunt). Time really flies. Yesterday we celebrated his 1st birthday greatly! ^O^

Gabriel looked as cute as always and this day he weared some special outfit: He wore an overall which my sister and me also used to wear as we were still babies. My mum preserved a few of our clothes really good. =) Everytime I see my lil nephew I also see my sister. He looks so much like my sister as she was in his age. It is really stunning. Sometimes he reminds me even at me as lil baby. We can really not deny that he is closely related with us.

Gabriel, of course, did not know really what was all going on yesterday, he just noticed that he get a lot of attention (even more than usual) and presents from that many people and he enjoyed it. Don, Kuraude and Mochi also joined Gabriels B*Day! My sister even ordered a special wafer paper with a photo of Gabriel for her tart and my mum made a colourful vegan cake:

yummy yummy - No. 1

yummy yummy - No. 2

my sister (Skullina), my mum and Gabriel <3

Don with a brand new haircut ;D

Mochi & Kuraude
Gabriel and his daddy 

Gabriel: "WTF?! A lilting candle?!" <3

Mochi even brought some new special item of him to the party: A kitschy figure of a dog, named Bernd, which he just bought for 0,10€.

Mochi proudly presents "Bernd"
Unfortunately Bernd didn't stayed for too long. We all thought that Bernd was some kind of soft toy and so we didn't shared a thought that we should move "Bernd" out of reach from Gabriel.. well, during we were all dining it happens what must happen:

RIP Bernd X'D
Mochi wasn't angry at him at all. It was a pretty funny moment and we all had to laugh =D
Afterwards we went outside again to enjoy the nice weather.

finally I've got a current photo of my sister and me (and of course Gabriel) 

It is amazing how fast babies are growing up, he learned so many things. I love hearing him baby talking. He is so mega cute. My sister and her boyfriend done a great job. ;-)


  1. Aawww der Kleine ist ja wirklich super niedlich. *__*

  2. Hübsche Töchter und ein hübscher Enkelsohn,was will ich mehr ♥

  3. Ich finde eure Familie klasse, deine Mutter, deine Schwester und du seid "echte" Typen ;-) der kleine Mann ist auch niedlich geraten. Die Torte mit dem Bild sieht ja auch klasse aus, die hätte ich auch gerne probiert *o*


  4. War ne tolle Geburtstagsparty!

    Naja ... nicht für Bernd =( ... aber alle anderen hatten Spaß! XD