Sunday, July 21, 2013

Au revoir, Prospera!

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

during the last Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up, Prospera told us that she would move in a few weeks to Nottingham, United Kingdom.
Because Prospera couldn't attend the next Aix-La-Chapelle Meet-Up we'd short-dated an additional date so we can meet her once again and say "au revoir!".

Yesterday then we met up in Maastricht. We are finally got summer here and we had a picnic. <3

f. l. t. r. : I, RainyYuki, Kuraude, Buschwindroeschen and Prospera.

We had so much to eat and drink for the picnic - pure awesomeness <3 After we ate like hell it was time to give our presents to Prospera ^O^

from Buschwindroeschen

Halloween Make-Up / fake-blood from RainyYuki

from Kuraude

I gave to Prospera a photo(frame) and a black, lolita looking, mirror
We were really happy that Prospera liked our presents! <3
Besides, we were watched by many people and also animals that day.  We were sitting next to a little waterhole which was occupied by a lot of ducks and their hatchlings. Really cute. <3

Crazy Eyes Duck - He/She was our favourite
The ducks weren't that afraid of people and kept an eye on us. Even dragonflies came across and one of them seem to enjoy their place in the sun.. on my dress:

After having a picnic we decided to go to a nearby cafe because it was gettin really hot. Towards evening then we leaved Maastricht and Prospera. I guess we all enjoyed the day, we didn't took much photos but it was great to see the girls again, chatting, just sitting in the sun and enjoy life.<3
It was of course kind of sad to see Prospera probably for the last time again in the near future. p__q To be honest I think I do not realised yet that she won't attend the next Meet-Ups..

 I wish you the very best for your time in Nottingham, Im sure you'll get to know many nice people and I am really looking forward to see photos of you in Nottingham.


  1. Ein schönes Abschiedstreffen habt ihr da veranstaltet ^^ Ich wünsche Prospera alles Gute und dass sie sich schnell einlebt (^-^)/"

  2. Ist ja schade, dass deine Freundin nun wegzieht, aber schön, dass ihr euch nochmal sehen konntet. ^^

  3. Richtig schön, dass ihr dafür extra ein meetup veranstaltet habt - sowas ist echt toll!

    Und das Kleid von dir kenne ich (glaub ich o_o) noch gar nicht xD Sieht jedenfalls echt gut aus (\^.^/)