Monday, June 17, 2013

Gamer Weekend: Animal Crossing New Leaf Release & Street Pass Meet-Up

Hello my sweet mau-mauws,

this entries focus will be about gaming. As you might now, I am a real gamer. I play videogames since Im 4 years old, it all started with a yellow Game Boy I received as present to Easter. I wanted to have a Game Boy so badly back then and Im glad that my parents complied my and my sisters wish. As the Nintendo64 was released my sister Skullina and I received it as a gift to christmas and so the story goes on: We bought a Game Boy Color, we had a Gamecube, a Nintendo DS, a PlayStation2 and we had also a Wii. Skullina and I always looked forward to summer holidays because we then could play the whole entire day long. How easy life was back then! :'D Well, I guess I will write about my "Life as Gamer Girl" in a more detailed way in a separate entry.

Actually I wanted to write about my last weekend which was ful of gaming!
At the 14th of June was finally the european release of "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" for the Nintendo 3DS. I awaited this game for like ages and because my friends Kuraude and Gia does also we decided to meet-up last saturday so we can play together. <3

Kuraude, Gia and.. guess who

Animal Crossing Addicted Anonymous
It was really fun playing together eventhough we didn't interact in Animal Crossing that much with eachother. I really like playing games while other do also. Some people like to meet up with friends and watch a movie and so I like to meet up with my friends and play videogames. ^__^
We all had a great day and we could even enjoy a great dinner made by lovely Don. <3

On Sundays then a "Street Pass"-Meet-Up took place again. I'd visited the Meet-Up for the 2nd time and just would like to show you some "impressions":

Main-theme and game for this day was, of course, Animal Crossing New Leaf! <3

Mochi, me and Gia


My Outfit for that day was:

I LOVE that dress! <3

The Street Pass Meet-Up was quite fun, it is always great to meet like-minded people. <3 Looking forward to the next Meet-Up I can attend. <3

photo was taken with Mochis camera



  1. USAI - the next chapter - "my life as a gamer girl" :D

    Wieder ein sehr cooler Blogeintrag! Und demnächst sitze ich mit auf der Animal-Crossing-Couch! xD

    ö_ö Du hast Mochi fotografiert, als er in Monster Hunter vertieft war! D:

    Fand das StreetPass-Treffen auch super! Vorallem, weil ich halt Mosnter Hunter zocken konnte x'D

  2. Gamer Girls sind die besten!

  3. You look sooo lovely in that dress! And I love gaming too xD Looks like you guys had a lot of fun ♡^▽^♡

  4. Yeah.....wir Meganerds XD
    Lol.....wie verkrampft ich meien Hände halten ^^" (War wohl grad sehr spannend)
    Und das StreetPass Treffen fand ich echt gut^,^ *freu mich auch schon auf das nächste*
    Das letzte Bild ist voll süß <3 <3

  5. Gamer girls sind einfach die besten. ;D Wobei ich dem NDS nicht so viel abgewinnen kann. :/ Hab mich da eher so zum PS-Typ entwickelt. xD

    Und das Kleid für's Street Pass Meet ist super goil. ;0; Wo hast du es her oder von welcher Marke ist es? ♥


    1. Huhu, danke für deinen Kommentar. Das Kleid habe ich aus dem Store DreamV/Yumetenbo ich habe es bei gekauft =)