Sunday, June 9, 2013

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 6th - Plushies

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

here is part six of showing you my Hello Kitty Collection, today I like to show you all my cute Hello Kitty Plushies I got. With the years I collected a lot of Hello Kitty Plushies - most of my plushies I received as presents from my besties, Im such a lucky person <3

Due to the fact that my Plushie collection is growing and growing it was about time to make some new photos of them. By now Ive got so many plushies that it is quite difficult to get all of them in only one photo so many thanks to Don who helped me arrange the plushies best possible and took the photos. To be honest, I do not know how many Hello Kitty plushies I actually got... ^__^6

So but enough of the words - this pictures are probably more worth than 1000 words:

Probably my favourite photo
Hello, Hello Kitty <3

1st check-photo

I LOVE all of my Helo Kitty plushies, but some of my favourites are probably are pretty special plushies, like for example, the
- Hello Kitty "Baby, the stars shine bright" Sweet Lolita (plushies is lying next to my head)
- Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel as Astronauts (Special McDonalds Edition 2000)
- Hello Kitty Korean Wedding Style
- Hello Kitty in Great Britain Style (1x UK Flag, 1x Palace Guardian)


During the "shooting" Kuraude and Mochi came to visit us (like almost each sunday XD):

Kuraude gets attacked by Hello Kitty while Mochi and I are posing

Eventhough I am not a child anymore I simply can't resist cute plushies. They are just... waaay toooo cute.
Do you feel the same? <3