Friday, June 28, 2013

8th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

the 8th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took finally place last saturday. This time I was the Orga-Chan again and we visited the Burtscheider Kurpark which is only about 5 minutes from the main train station.


After arriving there we instantly started our picnic. <3

We had really some very delicious food:

Muffins made by ... Orga-chan XD

Brownies - made by Mochi

Rainbow Cake! Made by Deadromance

Cake made by Fraeulein_Elisabeth

As we then just enjoyed ourselves and chatted along suddenly a lil girl came off to me. She said something like "Hi, this is for you princess" and wanted to present me her little blue bunny, or better, the Kikanichen (a mascot of a german children's tv network). I requested "Really? You want to give that cute bunny to me?" I actually expected a shaky reaction of her. My experience is that when lil children want to give something to me and I request it they then revoke their statement from before and/or get undecided - BUT not her. She really wanted to give that cuddly toy to me as present. Only after I argumented a few more sentences with her she agreed in keeping her cuddly toy.

Cutest situation of the day
What a really cute and lovely girl she was.

Later on we did a lot of photos. Don and I recently bought a Nikon D3100. We really wanted to have a better photo camera for our upcoming Japan journey. I guess Don took in total about 700+ photos. He checked a lot of features out. Here on my blog I will only show a very few photos:


Mero-Chi and me

f. l. t. r.: Deadromance, Mero-Chi, Prospera, me, Kuraude, Fraeulein_Elisabeth and Revy

I guess we all had a great day. It was great seeing the girls again and talking 'bout Lolita stuff and more. Thank you for participating at the Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Ups!! <3 It means a lot to me!

Besides, we were really lucky with the weather. This years summer is pretty rainy and cold :-/

THANK YOU for reading! <3

Monday, June 24, 2013

Do you know my pet rats?

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

time has come for a new entry of my "Do you know?"-series. This time I am going to introduce you to my in total six pet rats.  <3

Carli, Joy, Mariko, Vanilla, Luma and Evora

Date of birth: 1st of April 2012
Color & marking: Red Eyed Seal Point Siamese
Nicknames: Fatty-Chan <3
Loves: to lick hands, treats
Hates: To be touched by Don X'D
Characteristics: She's kinda difficult. In the past we had some problems with her because she didn't accepted Joy, Mariko and Evora but now it is finally okay. Vanilla's sight is pretty poor (red-eye) and that's why she is sometimes a bit jumpy. We gave her the nickname "Fatty-Chan".. well, because she's a bit.. fat.. that's why <3 ^^


 Date of birth: 14th of April 2012
Color & marking: Mink Variegated Down Under
Nicknames: Calu
Loves: Multivitamin paste
Hates: to be stroked while sleeping
Characteristics: Carli gets everyday "mated" by Mariko, actually female rats are on heat only every 4 days.. but Carli is it everyday.. ö_Ö ..moreover poor Carli seems to be the lowrankest of the pack. Most people think that Carli is the most beautiful rat of my pack.. and its true she is really beautiful.


Date of birth: 10th of August 2012
Color & marking: Dumbo Husky
Nicknames: Luma-Chan
Loves: to be stroked when she's tired
Hates: to be pushed away when gnawing the sofa XD
Characteristics: Luma is a difficutie. On the one side she is the one who enjoys my tender loving care the most but on the other side she wants to gnaw everything. This is really a bad habit. Luma is one of the highrankest or probably the highestrankest rat of my pack. Luma yawns really like a lion. Her whole body vibrates when she does.

Joy (Snow)

Date of birth: 31st of August 2012
Color & marking: Dumbo Lilac Hooded
Nicknames: Two-Face (X'D)
Loves: food, to watch people
Hates: to be touched to much
Characteristics: Joy is the mother of Evora and Mariko. She is a pretty nosy rat and she is still a lovely mom. She is not only caring for her daughters but also to Vanilla, Carli and Luma. Joy enjoys to pinch into toes. >__<" Joy got two really different ears and hear eyes look pretty different also. Thats why we gave her the nickname "Two Face"


Date of birth: 21st of December 2012 (Doomsday!)
Color & marking: Black Silvered Irish
Nicknames: Evo
Loves: To sit on my shoulder, to be around me
Hates: to be alone
Characteristics: Evora is one of Joy's daugthers who were born at my place back last December (World-Doom-Baby-Rats). Evora is pretty nosy and clingy. She enjoys to sit on my shoulder or next to me - really lovely. Evora is eventhough a bit jumpy and hates to be alone. Evora is like Luma, one of the highrankest rats of my pack. Somehow, Evora and her sister Mariko stayed a bit littler than Vanilla, Carli or Luma and I guess thats why they still enjoy a sort of special kid-bonus.


Date of birth: 21st of December 201
Color & marking: Black Hooded
Nicknames: Mari, Nummer 35
Loves: to run after Carli
Hates: liquid food
Characteristics: Mariko is a sister of Evora and Joy's daugther. She seems first a bit more reserved than her sister Evora but she isn't that jumpy as her. Mariko is more slender than Evora and she mostly sleeps next to Carli and "mates" her everday. Mariko hates liquid food and she shakes her hands like crazy when she gets in touch with it.

At last I want to show you some snaps I did of my pet rats the last few months:

forget about Lady & the Tramp - >> Carli & Evora

yam-yam rice - Carli, Luma (back) and Mariko

Luma sleeps like a baby and Vanilla cares for me

bad times and a snapshot in time: Joy watchs Luma and Carli - don't worry they were just jealous about food, nothing serious

Luma can sleep everyhwere just like me and Evora is at her favourite place: my shoulder.

Luma enjoys my tender loving care... <3

My six rats made me smile in hours of darkness and they are each of them lovely on their very own way. For me pet rats are the best rodent-pets.
It is really a shame that still many people do not see how lovely and clever pet rats are.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gamer Weekend: Animal Crossing New Leaf Release & Street Pass Meet-Up

Hello my sweet mau-mauws,

this entries focus will be about gaming. As you might now, I am a real gamer. I play videogames since Im 4 years old, it all started with a yellow Game Boy I received as present to Easter. I wanted to have a Game Boy so badly back then and Im glad that my parents complied my and my sisters wish. As the Nintendo64 was released my sister Skullina and I received it as a gift to christmas and so the story goes on: We bought a Game Boy Color, we had a Gamecube, a Nintendo DS, a PlayStation2 and we had also a Wii. Skullina and I always looked forward to summer holidays because we then could play the whole entire day long. How easy life was back then! :'D Well, I guess I will write about my "Life as Gamer Girl" in a more detailed way in a separate entry.

Actually I wanted to write about my last weekend which was ful of gaming!
At the 14th of June was finally the european release of "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" for the Nintendo 3DS. I awaited this game for like ages and because my friends Kuraude and Gia does also we decided to meet-up last saturday so we can play together. <3

Kuraude, Gia and.. guess who

Animal Crossing Addicted Anonymous
It was really fun playing together eventhough we didn't interact in Animal Crossing that much with eachother. I really like playing games while other do also. Some people like to meet up with friends and watch a movie and so I like to meet up with my friends and play videogames. ^__^
We all had a great day and we could even enjoy a great dinner made by lovely Don. <3

On Sundays then a "Street Pass"-Meet-Up took place again. I'd visited the Meet-Up for the 2nd time and just would like to show you some "impressions":

Main-theme and game for this day was, of course, Animal Crossing New Leaf! <3

Mochi, me and Gia


My Outfit for that day was:

I LOVE that dress! <3

The Street Pass Meet-Up was quite fun, it is always great to meet like-minded people. <3 Looking forward to the next Meet-Up I can attend. <3

photo was taken with Mochis camera


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 6th - Plushies

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

here is part six of showing you my Hello Kitty Collection, today I like to show you all my cute Hello Kitty Plushies I got. With the years I collected a lot of Hello Kitty Plushies - most of my plushies I received as presents from my besties, Im such a lucky person <3

Due to the fact that my Plushie collection is growing and growing it was about time to make some new photos of them. By now Ive got so many plushies that it is quite difficult to get all of them in only one photo so many thanks to Don who helped me arrange the plushies best possible and took the photos. To be honest, I do not know how many Hello Kitty plushies I actually got... ^__^6

So but enough of the words - this pictures are probably more worth than 1000 words:

Probably my favourite photo
Hello, Hello Kitty <3

1st check-photo

I LOVE all of my Helo Kitty plushies, but some of my favourites are probably are pretty special plushies, like for example, the
- Hello Kitty "Baby, the stars shine bright" Sweet Lolita (plushies is lying next to my head)
- Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel as Astronauts (Special McDonalds Edition 2000)
- Hello Kitty Korean Wedding Style
- Hello Kitty in Great Britain Style (1x UK Flag, 1x Palace Guardian)


During the "shooting" Kuraude and Mochi came to visit us (like almost each sunday XD):

Kuraude gets attacked by Hello Kitty while Mochi and I are posing

Eventhough I am not a child anymore I simply can't resist cute plushies. They are just... waaay toooo cute.
Do you feel the same? <3

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Lolita Day & Innocent World Teaparty!

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

hope you all had yesterday a happy Lolita Day! <3
The (International) Lolita Day takes place in year twice, the "summer" lolita day is the 1st saturday in June and the "winter" lolita day is the 1st saturday in December. One of the purposes of this days is probably to educate the world and people on what Lolita-Fashion is all about.
Eventhough I didn't attended a Lolita Meet-Up yesterday I wanted to wear a bit (Casual) Lolita anyway:

it is still pretty cold and rainy in germany this year.... =(

I am still trying to implement Lolita-Fashion into my daily look/style. Honestly Im not that sure if this kind of co-ord can be even called "Casual Lolita" but I liked the outfit.

Yesterday was full of Lolita anyhow:
GothicLolitaAustria started the ticket sale for the Innocent World Teaparty at 10:00am. I supposed that there would be a big hurry on the tickets and so I ordered a ticket instantly at 10:00am. Within 3 minutes all tickets were sold out. I am so very happy that I got a ticket! <3 This ticket is in someway a birthday present to myself. The Teaparty will take place at 12th of October in Vienna - just one day before my birthday is! I am really happy that Don will join me. We plan to stay in Vienna from 11th-13th October. I am really looking forward to it! <3

I have also stated that I want to buy a VIP-Ticket. In about two weeks I will know if I can buy one because the VIP-tickets get then raffled. Cross fingers that fortune will be with me! <3
Now that I know that I can be a part of Innocent World's Teaparty there is also one more thing I really have to buy during my stay in Japan: A Innocent World JSK/Dress. Im lately in love with Innocent Worlds "Tsuchida Yutaka Rabbit and Squirrel"-series.

By the way.. from tomorrow on there are only 50 days left til we will takeoff towards Japan... <3