Monday, May 27, 2013

Japantag - Japan Day - Nihon-Day 2013

Hallo my cute mauw-mauws,

last saturday was finally the famous Japantag in Duesseldorf again. The Japantag or Japan Day / Nihon Day takes place once a year in May or June (Exception: October 2011!). I am always really looking forward to this event but this year the Japan Day wasn't as great as I had expected it in before.
The main reason was the weather. It was pretty cold that day, top temperature was about ~14°C and we had several rainstorms. :-/ Due to that fact I wasn't in the mood for taking a lot of photos at all.

Well, actually I wanted to wear a Yukata this year.. but, you may know, time flies by so fast.. and suddenly there were only one week left til Japantag and I decided that I would wear my Wa-Lolita Outfit of last year again:

Because I wanted to try something new I asked my mom whether she could help me with styling my hair. I wanted to look a bit more (traditional) japanese.
Do you think it suits me? And do you noticed that I have had cut my hair?! It is now bout 8cm (3,15 inches) shorter than before!!

Of course, I wasn't only by my own, my besties also went with me to the Japantag:

Kuraude is wearing her Yukata which she bought 4 years ago during the Japantag 

One and Only Mochi

Don <3
We strolled the promenade up and down and had to pose for a lot of photos. One nice japanese guy took a photo of Mochi, Kuraude and me with his Polaroid Camera and he gave this printed-out photo as a gift to us:

WHY?! I had to close my eyes in exactly THAT moment?!
Unlike the years before, we didn't met that many familiar faces.. I know that many of my acquaintances were also at the Japantag.. but we have failed to meet almost everyone of them. We only met Don's sister and mum, Hübi, Fraeulein_Elisabeth, three of my workmates (which was pretty cool) and some of our Nintendo 3DS-Street Pass mates. But I also have to say that the Japantag seems to be even more crowded than the year before.. it was really difficult to have a look at the stalls due to all that people. :-/

Well in the meantime it began raining and it stopped again. Towards evening we went back to my car and we really just waited that the firework would begin.. at 11pm.. I really hope that next years weather would be nicer than this years.. so and last but not least I want to show one more photo:

Keep fingers crossed that next years Japantag will have clear weather! <3


  1. Nihon no on'nanoko, utsukushī :)

    1. =D
      hihi du bist so süß <3
      どうも ありがとうございました

  2. Dein Outfit ist total schön! °w° & schade, dass wir uns nicht gesehn haben ^^°
    vlg~<3 Lisa~*

  3. Aww, ich glaub du bist bei der Promenade an mir vorbei gelaufen. ;w;
    Süß sahst du aus. <3 Und das Polaroid ist trotzdem niedlich und überhaupt voll die tolle Idee!
    Das Wetter war ab dem Nachmittag allerdings wirklich ein bisschen schweinisch. :S Ich hoffe aber ihr hattet trotzdem einen schönen Tag. :)

  4. voll interessant! Das ist eine Welt die ichnoch garnicht kannte aber ich bin voll fanszniert

  5. Muss auch sagen dein Outfit sah sehr niedlich aus. ^^