Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Im dressed in my workplace - Everyday Look of Usai

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

one thing in which I'm very interested in is how (Sweet) Lolita's or Fairy Kei, Oshare Kei, Gyaru-lovers or so on are dressed when they have to go to their workplace and how their colleagues are reacting to it. As long as you are a student or pupil you're still pretty free and easy in matters of dresscode but when you're entering the business world it is mostly a bit more difficult.

I am a pretty lucky person because I do not have to wear a uniform or something like that. I am a trained management assistant in office communication. I've been working for almost 6 years now at my employment - a well-known research institute/organisaton. My colleagues knew me therefore already for a time and are used to my "supposedly" flashy/noticeable fashion style and look. It is also okay for my boss. But, eventhough they all tolerate my colorful, or better, pink look, I am trying not to exaggerate my look when I have to go to work - in the end I am only going to my workplace and not to an event. ;) So, Im not an "Everyday Lolita".

Below you cann see a few of my my "work outfits" or everyday look/style - for me, it is nothing unusual, but for some reason I am quite "infamous" for my look at the institute ö_Ö :

together with Don <3

My nickname is even "Hello Kitty" - well, when you're entering my office room Hello Kitty simply stand out a mile! I really have to take photos of my office room soon... X'D

At last years christmas party of our institute and of our "neighbour-institute" I wore for the very first time a Lolita Outfit in sight of my colleagues and I wore the same outfit during a workshop as I went on a business trip to Munich:
Christmas party 2012
I guess you can imagine that I was one of the topics of the evening but I get a lot of compliments for my outfit and positive feedback. People seem to like being different from "usual". <3

during business trip in Munich

You see actually I do not wear any Lolita-clothes when Im in my workplace.. til yet. But I sworn to myself that I will wear a pretty complete Sweet Lolita-outfit during my last day in my workplace before I will flight to Japan finally in less than two month! I also want to wear a Casual Lolita Outfit during our annual office outing in about two weeks (keep fingers crossed that we will have clear weather). <3

Well, when looking at those outfit photos of me, you may would think that I have a hard time and no one really takes me seriously, but I gain nevertheless everyone's respect and everyone is putting their trust in my words when I am explaning them f. e. stuff about the 7th Framework Programme (THE funding programme of the european commission). To be honest, I really don't know how I am doing this split between my flashy look AND such a serious and "dry" subject like the European Framework Programme - but I'm glad that it works well. ^O^

How about you? Can you dress-up like you want when you have to go to your workplace? 


  1. Schöne Outfits ^^ Ich finde es toll, dass du da relativ frei bist und tragen kannst was du magst ^^

  2. Ist wirklich toll, dass du da keine Probleme mit den Kollegen/dem Chef bekommst und du dich da soweit ausleben kannst, wie du es möchtest. :)
    Würde ich auch gerne in mancher Hinsicht, aber im Krankenhaus ist das leider nicht möglich... und bei den Frühschichten schaffe ich's gerade mal, mir das Make-Up aufzuklatschen, damit ich lebendig-frisch aussehe und zumindest ein bisschen was an mir habe. ;D

    1. Puh.. ja wenn man im medizinischen Bereich arbeitet herrscht ein klarer Dresscode. Kann auch gut nachvollziehen das du bei Frühschichten dann auch keine große Lust manchmal hast dich aufzustylen.. ich habe das Problem ja auch manchmal morgens obwohl ich erst um 7.30h im Büro sein muss...

  3. So süss...Stil muss sein,auch auf der Arbeit ♥

  4. so beautiful and cute outfits :) :)

  5. Ich find's gut, dass du dich auf der Arbeit so ausleben kannst. :)
    Ich kann es jetzt mittlerweile auch wieder, allerdings habe ich bei weitem keinen besonders auffälligen Kleidungstil, würde ich mal behaupten. xD

  6. Du hast wirklich glück, dass du auch auf der Arbeit nach Usai-Art auftreten kannst - das kann bei weitem nicht jeder. Und die Outfits sehen auch noch richtig gut aus <3